Zillow Dramatically Changes Premier Agent Program to Increase Lead Quality
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
May 31, 2018

Zillow is changing making significant changes to its Premier Agent program, after acknowledging some shortcomings in their current system. Many real estate agents have complained about the quality of leads they receive from Zillow, citing low conversion rates and false leads.

Now, Zillow will have its own representatives screen incoming calls to ensure the caller is actively looking to buy or sell, is not working with an agent, and is ready to speak with an agent. The change will negatively impact the volume of leads that agents receive. In exchange, each lead will be validated and ready-to-go.

Key Takeaways

  • Zillow will now thoroughly vet leads for its Premier Agent program
  • Real estate agents in the program will see a decrease in volume but increase in quantity of incoming leads
  • Leads will be immediately transferred to the next agent in line if the first agent doesn’t answer their phone


Zillow previously disclosed that it would soon bring several significant changes to its Premier Agent program “over the next several months.” Now, reports have reached HousingWire that this rollout has begun.

The new changes will certainly be beneficial to consumers, however real estate agents are still unsure about the changes.

Previously, real estate agents could purchase leads, which Zillow would send to them either via phone call or email. If the agent did not answer the phone, they were able to call the lead back at a later time.

But Zillow pointed out several pitfalls to this system, both for real estate agents and consumers alike. For consumers, the pitfalls were obvious – there wasn’t always an instant connection to a real estate agent when they tried to contact someone to get their questions answered.

Real estate agents also complained due to the value of the leads they would receive, as often times the callers were already working with another agent, and just wanted to ask questions.

Now, however, Zillow is changing the game. It will now have its own representatives screen incoming calls. They will make sure the caller is actively looking to buy or sell a home, not yet working with an agent and ready to speak to an agent. Once this screening process is complete, Zillow will connect the real estate agent to the caller.

“We’ve implemented these changes to deliver higher quality leads to agents while also ensuring a great experience for consumers looking to connect with agents,” a Zillow spokesperson told HousingWire. “This will allow potential buyers to schedule time to speak to an agent when it’s convenient for them and the agent. And, when an agent misses a call for any reason, they don’t lose their place in the queue, they receive the next connection.”

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