Who is the Best Real Estate Coach: Mike Ferry, Brian Buffini, or Craig Proctor?
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
September 13, 2018

Many real estate agents tenaciously question the value of real estate coaching while many others swear by the teachings of some top coaches. The industry is full of experienced professionals, but effective coaching is an art of its own.

The internet is full of misinformation, making it hard to justify spending thousands on a coach. BiggerPockets put together a comprehensive analysis of the three biggest real estate coaches: Mike Ferry, Brian Buffini, and Craig Proctor. After detailed research, they compared each coach based on specialization, pricing, teaching style, and contract requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • Mike Ferry focuses on general sales processes like sales calls, client communication, prospecting, and business management
  • Brian Buffini focuses on getting more referrals by building long-term, meaningful relationships with clients
  • Craig Proctor focuses on reverse prospecting: drawing in leads with a variety print/web advertisements and effective copywriting

Best Real Estate Coach 2018: The Mike Ferry Organization

For training on a broad range of sales and business topics, we recommend the Mike Ferry Organization. They offer more general training in real estate, including topics like how make a sales call, how to manage time and how to improve your sales cycle.

If you’re looking for more specific training, however, Brian Buffini or Craig Proctor may be a better option. Buffini & Company specializes in referral-based marketing, while Craig Proctor focuses on print and web-based advertising. To improve these specific areas-of-focus, you need to find a coach that teaches them as a specialty.

Areas of Focus

Each real estate coach has a unique methodology that they teach. While there’s likely to be some overlap in their training, they tend to focus on these real estate topics:

Mike Ferry – Mike Ferry trainers focus more on the general sales process than any specific technologies. They teach you how to make a sales call (with scripts provided) and how to communicate with clients in general. Other lessons revolve around prospecting, running a business, time management, and hiring an assistant. Internet marketing is not a major topic, as one customer pointed out.

Brian Buffini – Brian Buffini’s training revolves around getting more referrals. Their belief is that building long term and meaningful relationships with clients is the best way to generate business, as they’ll refer friends and family to your business. Buffini training has at least some technological focus, as members receive a subscription to Referral Maker CRM. They also provide a direct mail marketing kit (including flyers, envelopes and stickers), which is intended to help you stay connected with clients.

Craig Proctor –The cornerstone of Craig Proctor’s method is what he calls “Reverse Prospecting”: the idea of drawing leads to you, rather than going out and finding them. As such, there’s a big emphasis on advertisements – both print and web-based. As part of the training, Craig teaches Google, Facebook and Craigslist marketing, as well as lead generation on a custom website (which is provided to members).

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