We Went to NAR Mid-Year Conference. Here Are the Interesting Products We Discovered
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
May 22, 2018

Thunderstorms and non-stop rain did not stop attendees from bringing the energy and excitement needed for a productive week at NAR Conference 2018. The expo floor was buzzing with agents and brokers eager to educate themselves on best practices and technologies to help take their careers to the next level. Over 9,000 Realtors and 130 vendors were in attendance while legislative meetings took place all week alongside the trade expo on Wednesday and Thursday.

Real Estate Daily was on site for the expo and had the chance to sit down with a number of vendors to better understand how they are helping agents and brokers change the way they conduct business. Technology will continue to play a significant role in how Real Estate Professionals interact with their clients, and the major theme throughout the expo was rooted back in what this industry has always been about: customer relationships.

This day and age, there is an app or service for just about everything and in real estate. The most successful companies are those that focus on helping agents enhance their customer relationships, rather than replacing the role of agents altogether. Several new CRM and tech companies are evolving to help agents eliminate tedious work and get back to building relationships and selling homes.

Here is a list of some of the most exciting companies we interviewed at NAR conference 2018:



ShelterZoom is ready to hold your hand and walk you into the future of how real estate transactions are conducted. They are the first blockchain based offer, acceptance, and renting platform that can be integrated into any real estate website. Through the ShelterZoom platform, you have the ability to place an offer on a property right from your mobile device within seconds. By using block-chain technology, transactions are more transparent, efficient, and secure than they have ever been.

Value proposition: ShelterZoom eliminates any uncertainty about an offer as well as any miscommunication along the way. Views, offers, counters, and acceptance of any offer is communicated to everyone involved instantly. Currently, their services are free to use.



EveryScape gives you the ability to turn your listings into virtual experiences. It is the only lead generation platform that offers communication between agents and buyers within 3D tours. When a buyer enters your 3D tour, you are immediately notified, and you can walk them through the property and answer questions in real time.

Value proposition: EveryScape lets you engage every potential client in a way that your competition is not doing. In addition to that, their platform gives you a proven system for lead capture that is more efficient which ultimately gives you a chance to generate more leads than ever before.


Home Benefit Solutions

Home Benefit Solutions is a lead-referral generation system that allows you to build your business by building partnerships with other companies to help provide real estate services to their employees. Through the HBS platform, you will become the trusted source for real estate information in your market and gain access to leads and referrals that you would not otherwise be able to generate.

Value proposition: The HBS platform also includes a customizable website that helps you introduce your services and walks employees through the benefits that you offer. By offering additional services that other agents and brokers are not, you can separate yourself from your competition and generate an additional 2-3 transactions per year through the platform.


Back Agent

BackAgent has set out to change the way brokerages handle their transaction workflow. Their fully automated system takes all of the guesswork and tedious back and forth that traditionally takes place out of the equation at the brokerage level. From start to finish, agents can be 100% sure they are gathering all of the relevant information in the proper order for every single deal they conduct.

Value proposition: Their dynamic transaction interview can be fully customized to fit state and local requirements which allow Back Agent the ability to scale and serve each of their customers in a way their competitors cannot.


Ixact Contact

Ixact Contact is a CRM and Email Marketing platform that allows agents to focus on what is most important to their business, customer relationships. This unique system gives agents and brokers the ability to customize the email campaigns for past and future clients in the same space that they manage their current relationships.

Value proposition: The personal touch and customization of their communication tools are what separates Ixact Contact from their competitors. Each interaction can be personalized in a way that is meaningful to the client and provides additional value to them that they otherwise might not receive.



Homesnap allows agents the ability to snap a photo of any home and pull up all of the relevant information on that property. Originally intended for consumers when it was launched in 2012, they soon realized that the majority of their customers were agents. Because of this, Homesnap Pro was created, and they now cater to over 875,000 agents across 140 MLS.

Value proposition: This all-inclusive app allows agents the ability to get all of the information they need on any property, neighborhood, school district, as well as access to communication tools all at the snap of a finger.


Flow ROI

Flow ROI was launched because they saw an oversaturation of technology options for agents. What they found was agents were having to log into multiple different systems where some talked to each other while others did not, and it was becoming more of a nuisance than anything. They set out to create a system that can handle everything from the CRM side to MLS work, tax work, communication with clients, expense tracking, and transaction workflow.

Value proposition: In additional saving agents time and allowing them to focus on what is most important, they also eliminate risk for agents and brokers because all of the information is stored in a secure space that is fully transparent to those that need to have access to that information.


Chime Technologies

Chime Technologies saw a gap in the CRM space which was allowing agents and brokers the ability to manage their business from their mobile device. Agents spend most of their time on the road or with clients outside of an office setting, and Chime gives them all the tools they need in one spot to manage their business from start to finish.

Value proposition: Before any line of code was created for the desktop version, they had fully developed their mobile app which allows agents the ability to manage 95% of their business from their mobile devices.



Stilio is a search platform that sets out to connect Real Estate Agents with Real Estate Photographers. Stilio allows you to find your perfectly priced photographer and schedule your shoot all in one spot.

Value proposition: You can get instant access to Stilio’s nationwide network of photographers and find a qualified photographer anywhere and anytime.



BombBomb makes it simple to create, send, and track video, emails, and Text messages. BombBomb helps you build trust and rapport with your current and potential clients by conveying your message in the most personal way possible without actually being face to face. In addition to their core video competence, they are also an email service provider.

Value proposition: Started as an app for Non-Profit and Church space with the idea that Pastors could connect better with their congregation through more personalized messaging. Real Estate is now 60% of their customer base with 40,000 users across 40 different countries.


Reminder: The Annual NAR Convention is scheduled for November 2-5 this year in Boston. Get more details here.