Top Producer Tactics: How to Build a YouTube Lead Generation Channel
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
January 16, 2018

YouTube is a unique way to extend your brand’s reach and establish your real estate expertise in untapped markets. The best part is that leads from your YouTube channel are more likely to convert because they are already convinced of your professional capability.

Key Takeaways

  • Upload regularly on a strict posting schedule
  • Engage subscribers with comments and conversation
  • Diversify your audience by adding video translation and captioning
  • “How to” videos perform exceptionally well on YouTube


For real estate professionals, taking the effort to nurture and grow a YouTube channel is usually at the bottom of the marketing checklist. Those that go that extra mile, however, often attract high quality leads that few other real estate professionals can access.

Upload Regularly – Create a posting schedule and stick to it! It is essential when trying to build a following on YouTube to provide consistently valuable content. Viewers also benefit from knowing when your next video post will be, keeping them engaged. Building subscriber count is much more manageable if your viewers know what to expect and when to expect it.

Community Engagement – It very important to respond and comments and try creating an open dialogue with subscribers. Engaging community members is key to building a solid foundation of followers and viewers that could stay with you for a long time.

Diversify your Audience – It is crucial to know your audience and whom you are targeting, but diversifying it does not have to mean trying to reach anyone and everyone. Simple actions like adding video translation and captioning can open your brand to those who are deaf or do not speak English as their first language.

Share your Skills – “How to” videos are consistently popular, and people still love them. According to YouTube statistics for 2016, “how to” videos have been growing about 70% yearly. People are eager to learn, but often lack easily accessible sources of expertise.

As a real estate professional, share lessons you have learned from years of working in the industry. Go into detail on different confusing aspects of the buying and selling process. In addition to your YouTube following, this will be an excellent source of information for all your other clients.