Top 3 Reasons Nobody Cares About Your Real Estate Facebook Page... and How to Fix It
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
December 22, 2017

For most real estate agents, building a strong following on social media is a tough task. Whether it’s a problem of time management or a lack of quality content, the vast majority of agents are missing a lot of business by not maintaining a professional and informational social media account. Here are three key pieces of advice for real estate agents on social media:

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t make every post self-serving
  • Show your personality and treat it like your professional brand
  • Organize and plan social media posts ahead of time to maintain a consistent presence
Source: Brightwood


It is understandable that most real estate agents struggle to find success in social media. Real estate is one the most crowded industries in terms of posts and interactions. The industry claims the number one spot for average posts per week and has one of the lowest interactions per post.

Self-serving posts – The first major problem real estate agents run into on social media is their types of posts. Most agents will post some combination of listings, open houses or advertise their professional services. The issue is that these are all self-serving posts and readers pick up on that.

To start brainstorming better post content, think about the readers first instead of your own business objective. Create content that offers something of value. Something that you know they will appreciate.

It’s okay – even necessary – to keep some self-serving business content on your social media. The key is finding a good mix of reader-oriented and self-serving posts.

Lack of personality – Another issue real estate agents have is stifling their own personality on social media. While it’s important to appear professional and knowledgeable, showing your own personality, interests or quirks will help your audience relate.

It’s also important to know your specialization as an agent and leverage that as a part of your public personality. Think about what kinds of clients you work with most and the types of deals you truly thrive in.

No consistency – The final issue is a lack of consistency. Working as a real estate agent is dynamic and often unpredictable. Staying on top of social media and maintaining consistently high-quality posts is challenging, especially in those weeks that demand 60+ hours of work.

Consistency often starts with planning beforehand. Take the time at the beginning of every week to create a content calendar for the following seven days.

Try to set up a schedule for posting that is easy to follow. For example, plan on posting advice regarding the same industry topic every Monday. Or develop a contest/giveaway that will prompt user interaction.