Top 3 Innovators in Real Estate Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
By Gordon Robbins @ Real Estate Daily
May 15, 2018

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been circulating mainstream media for almost a year now. Crypto is much more than a simple form of currency, and the underlying technology, blockchain, opens countless doors for innovation in the real estate space.

Plenty of ambitious initial coin offerings (ICOs) have successfully integrated crypto into their real estate business. The most dominant names in real estate blockchain are using this new technology for various purposes, from crowdfunding real estate investment to transferring ownership of properties.

Atlant is one of the world’s leading blockchain platforms which promotes tokenized ownership and global peer-to-peer rentals. Eventually, Atlant hopes to disrupt real estate transactions globally through widespread peer-to-peer deals that bypass unnecessary intermediaries.

Key Takeaways

  • Atlant is a blockchain platform that aims to alter real estate transactions and ownership transfer
  • REAL blockchain platform hopes to revolutionize real estate investment, allowing ordinary investors to participate in large-scale deals
  • Propy hopes to streamline international real estate transactions with a unified property store and asset transfer platform on a blockchain


The current big kids in the real estate blockchain space have tokenized fundraising.

Tokenized fundraising is similar to how you buy a subway pass for 15 rides, here you buy “tokens” as part of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and they use those funds to build out their product, and the tokens can be exchanged privately between users as their value increases and decreases just like stocks.

These are the three biggest tokenizers right now:

1. Atlant – Symbolized as ATL, Atlant is a real estate blockchain that is hoping to build a “next generation” global real-estate platform using blockchain technology. They see the potential behind the blockchain technology and believe that it can help to accelerate the adoption of the Sharing Economy.
Atlant allows users to trade parcels of property on their platform while bypassing intermediaries in rental deals and transact peer to peer so that users feel more secure as well as make it easier to use.

2. REAL – Also trying to disrupt real estate is Real Estate Asset Ledger aka REAL. REAL’s aim is to initiate a real estate investment revolution that will increase market liquidity and remove the barriers that prevented ordinary investors from reaping real estate profits in the past. REAL plans to do so by taking real estate investing and moving it onto the Ethereum blockchain and enabling the average investor to build a real estate portfolio.

3. Propy – Propy sees the problems facing international real estate transactions and wants to fight them by creating a unified property store and asset transfer platform for the global real estate industry.

Propy’s big dream is that jurisdictions will adopt the Propy Registry as their own official ledger of record so that the transfer of a property on the Propy Registry constitutes the legal transfer of the property and the legal registration of that transfer.

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