Top 10 Free Real Estate Apps and Software for 2018
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
May 30, 2018

There are plenty of great real estate apps and software available, but most agents don’t have thousands of dollars to waste testing them out. Although technology in the real estate industry is notoriously expensive, there are a handful of awesome apps you can use for free.

Finding a free yet valuable piece of real estate software is no simple task. Fortunately, there are several free apps and software platforms that agents can use for almost anything, from transaction management to marketing, social media, graphic design, and CRM.

Key Takeaways

  • Dotloop is a transaction management platform that seamlessly organizes CRM, lead generation, accounting, back office, marketing, and more
  • Buffer is a social media management platform that helps busy agents manage and post across multiple accounts
  • Canva is a free graphic design tool with intuitive controls and functions similar to Photoshop
Source: The Close


1.Dotloop (Transaction management software)

DotloopOver the past few years transaction management platform Dotloop has slowly started to become the dominant player in the industry. Since competition in the enterprise space is fierce, Dotloop has smartly released a free version for individual agents.

What do Realtors Use Dotloop For?

If you’ve never used Dotloop before, get ready to have your stack of papers and smudgy PDF’s blown into the recycling bin where they belong. Dotloop offers form creation, E-sign, and transaction management in one seamless platform.

Dotloop Integrations (what other real estate apps Dotloop works seamlessly with)

CRM and Lead Generation:

Zillow Premier Agent, Boomtown, Inside Real Estate, Propertybase, Cinc, Real Geeks, Realvolve, LionDesk, Big Purple Dot, Contactually, Zurple, Follow Up Boss, and Market Leader.

Accounting and Back Office

Loft47, Preclose, BrokerSumo, Accounttech, Emphasys, Shortrack, Quickbooks by Apination, ibroker, intellirent.

Marketing, Automations and More

PieSync, SnapNHD, zipyourflyer, BombBomb, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Drive

2. Amitree Folio (Lightweight transaction management and email assistant)

Amitree Folio

What do Realtors Use Amitree Folio For?

Folio attaches to your gmail account and automatically organizes transactions, documents, and deal timelines that you can share with your clients. You can also sync calendars, set reminders, and even loop in service providers to make sure everyone is on the same page.

3. Buffer (Social media management platform)


What Do realtors Use Buffer For?

If you’re a busy agent or team leader trying to manage multiple social media accounts, Buffer is a god send. It allows you to pre schedule posts across multiple accounts so you can knock out a few weeks worth of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram,, and even Pinterest posts on a few hours on Sunday.

4. Hubspot CRM & sales tool

Hubspot CRM

What Do Realtors Use Hubspot For?

Hubspot is a CRM that also offers marketing and sales tools. With the free version of Hubspot’s software, they offer contact management, deal and task pipelines, email scheduling, email templates, and more.

5. Hotjar


What Do Realtors Use Hotjar For?

Hotjar offers visualizations of two very important things your leads are doing on your site. First, it measures scroll depth.

Scroll depth is a measurement of how far your leads are scrolling down your pages. Hotjar shows you how many of your leads are reading your entire article with a percentage. If very few people are reading your articles all the way to the end, chances are they need work.

Hotjar also offers heatmaps. Heatmaps are visual representations of not only where your leads are clicking on your website, but where they rest their mouse/finger as well. Using heatmaps you can dial in calls to action, navigation, and more to make sure people are clicking where you want them to click.

6. Canva


What Do Realtors Use Canva For?

Canva is an intuitive, easy to use graphic design tool that lets you create great looking flyers, social media graphics, blog images, banner ads, and more. Even better, Canva offers gorgeous editable templates created by talented graphic designers to get you going.

If you want to see what Canva can help you create, check out the infographics on The Close. We made them all with Canva.

7. Zapier


What Do Realtors Use Zapier For?

Zapier acts like glue between two different apps or software platforms. It allows you to automate an action in one app based on a change in another app. You can then save this automation, called a Zap, to use later.

Here’s an example. Using Zapier you can use a Zap that adds new leads from IDX Broker to your Follow Up Boss account, or automatically add leads from IDX Broker to your Mail Chimp list.

They also offer hundreds of other Zaps that link together everything from Contactually, to Gmail, to a real estate chatbot like HelloAlex.

Once you start using Zapier you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without it.

8. Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24

What Do Realtors Use Bitrix24 For?

Bitrix24 is a CRM or Client Relationship Manager. It lets you organize all your leads and build a gameplan to reach out to them differently depending on what they need.

Amazingly Bitrix24 is free for up to 12 users, so you could theoretically outfit your entire team with a decent CRM for free.

While it may not be as powerful as something like Contactually, Boomtown, or Zurple, it gets the job done.

9. Trello


What Do Realtors Use Trello For?

Trello let’s you and anyone you’re working with stay organized and collaborate on long term projects. It’s also dead easy to use.

In order to track projects, Trello lets you create “cards” that you can share with your partners or team and edit, move, and update them as you hit your goals.

It’s great for blog publishing, social media, graphic design projects, or even deal tracking for smaller teams.

Full disclosure, we actually use Trello everyday at The Close and it’s one of the apps that we simply couldn’t function without.

10. Cloze


What Do Realtors Use Cloze For?

Cloze helps Realtors organize their relationships by tracking Evernote, call history, email opens, and even pulls their social media info for you. Even better, it prompts you to keep in touch with your contacts at the right time.

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