Top 10 Google Search Keywords for Realtors
By Laura Kohlenberger @ Realty Biz News
October 5, 2017
As long as search engines rely on text to comprehend what users want, optimizing keywords remains a good SEO practice. If you focus on geolocation...

RealtyBizNews: No matter the progress, how many choices real estate pros have today for online marketing, SEO remains stubbornly relevant for some. As long as search engines rely on text to comprehend what users want, optimizing for keywords remains a good SEO practice.

Do we still need to optimize text?

Facebook is currently developing an AI engine called DeepText, which is designed to “understand with near-human accuracy the textual content of several thousand posts per second, spanning more than 20 languages.”

Regardless, it is always good to keep keywords in mind when we optimize pages because according to all statistics, users still count on them for search queries.


How to identify your top 10 Google keywords

There are several free keyword research tools to identify the top 10 Google keywords for realtors. Surely, the most relevant remains the Google Keyword Planner from Google AdWords. But there are also alternatives, many offering free analysis, including the HOTH Google Keyword Planner (featured in the image below), SEM Rush keyword research tool, Keyword Tool, plus a brilliant research tool from Wordtracker, among many others. HubSpot’s Keywords tool, although it requires some data from you, is still free and quite good.

If you focus on geolocation and optimize for something like “Utah real estate” you are likely to rank ahead of your competition, provided that you align all your SEM and SEO efforts to reflect your niche, without spamming

Whatever you need to optimize, plan ahead. Generic terms tend to lose search engine rankings. So instead of planning to rank for random terms, rank for those most likely used by the people ready to purchase. The most popular search terms are often not the terms that deliver ROI.

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