Thoughts on Education when you're on the move with your children
By Staff Writer @ Relocation Today
December 5, 2016

Thoughts on Education when you’re on the move with your children….
For relocating families, getting the schooling piece of the puzzle right is absolutely critical; if children enroll in a school that’s not a good fit, if they don’t adapt to their curriculum or classmates, or if they embark on a course of study that makes the next transition difficult, the entire assignment may be compromised. With this in mind, here are just a couple of suggestions of things to think about when you’re relocating your children:

How long is your assignment? Just as important: Where do you think you’re going afterwards–home or on another assignment?
For many families, long range planning for a student should be as high a priority as finding the right-fit school for the immediate term and may well dictate the school they choose for this next step. So, some things to think about if you plan to repatriate to your home country, for example: