This $500M LA Listing Breaks Record as the Most Expensive House in the World
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
March 21, 2018

Nile Niami is so wealthy that he decided to build the world’s most expensive house, and list it for almost double the price of the previous record holder. This six-year project has transformed an empty Bel-Air lot into a mansion with endless extravagances.

Key Takeaways

  • Accomplished luxury developer Nile Niami is close to finishing the world’s most expensive home
  • The 5,500-square-foot master suite is only one of the property’s 20 bedrooms
  • A nightclub, commercial-size beauty salon, a lounge lined with jellyfish aquariums, pools, and spas among the property’s other extravagances


Luxury developer Nile Niami is only a few months away from finishing the “One,” a symbol of extravagance that goes far beyond indulgence.

Niami plans on listing the property for a groundbreaking $500 million in Spring as the most extensive and expensive private home in America. If the sale goes for anything close to Niami’s asking price, it will dwarf the previous record holder for the world’s most expensive home sale.

The 100,000-square-foot property has 20 bedrooms with a master suite that is larger than most houses. The master suite even has its own pool. Seven of those bedrooms are in the detached staff building.

Additional amenities include a nightclub with a V.I.P. room, commercial-size beauty salon, a lounge with jellyfish aquariums for walls, four pools, and multiple indoor spas.

When asked about the intent behind some of these extravagances, Niami showed his motives behind building this absurd property. “Because it’s cool,” he told the New York Times.

The property is so excessive and grandiose that Niami lost track of some features along the way. There are at least four swimming pools, he said, but there could be more spas. Niami also lost count of how many elevators are in the home, but after thinking about it for a minute said there were five.

This $500M listing will easily eclipse Los Angeles’ most expensive home sale and could surpass the previous record holder for most expensive sale in the world. Right now, LA’s most expensive sale is a tie at $100 million between the playboy mansion and a spec home in Holmby Hills.

The most expensive home sale recorded in America was a $137 million deal in New York. The price of the world’s most expensive sale is believed to be around $300,000.