There’s Over a Million Realtors, Here’s How to Stand Out
By Staff Writer @ Premier Commission
April 10, 2018

Real estate is a saturated, highly competitive market. Standing out isn’t easy in such a crowded space, so you need to make sure your marketing is on point. Leveraging all of the marketing channels available to you and differentiating yourself from the competition are key to thriving in the real estate industry.

Which marketing channels should matter most to you as a realtor? An effective website and blog should be the basis of all of your marketing efforts. To drive traffic to your website use social media posts and paid promotions to reach an even wider audience. Throw email campaigns and a niche-approach into the mix and you have a recipe for marketing success.

Key Takeaways

  • There are over 1 million realtors, this means effective marketing is essential for building a thriving business.
  • At minimum your marketing should include a website, blog, social media presence, and ad campaigns.
  • To drive your success you need to find a niche and specialize. This is a simple way to set yourself apart from the competition.

The Real Estate Industry is densely populated with agents, brokers, and other experts. With over a million members and counting, it is becoming increasingly difficult for associates to stand out from the crowd.

To distinguish themselves, professionals in this field must adopt real estate promotional ideas that enable them to separate from the swarm and rise above other agents. Here are some methods that can be employed to assist with your ingenuity as an expert.

Find Your Niche

Many real estate agents perform the same activities, which include finding the right property from their client based on their declared needs and requirements. However, with so many professionals offering the same thing, it can become challenging for individuals to find an ideal agent.

By discovering your specialty, you can market yourself as such. For example, if your niche is comprised of finding the right apartment, helping first time home buyers, newcomers, large families with children or any other area of expertise, you can attract these clients appropriately.

Also, by marketing yourself in this manner, you are opening yourself to the prospect of clients discovering you single-handedly. Doing so positions you as a prestigious and memorable agent.

Develop A Website And A Blog

Once you have honed your specialty, you can begin to market yourself as this specialist. Building a website is a great way to promote yourself as this expert.

Prospective clients are always online searching for what they need. Having a website that informs clients about the services you are offering is beneficial for both parties.

It gives clients access to pertinent information about properties. Additionally, hosting virtual tours, having access to photos, details about local schools, businesses, and other information demonstrates your professionalism and expertise. It also enables consumers to conduct research on their own and contact you for further assistance.

Another element that is fantastic for a website is the inclusion of a blog. Posting articles regularly about updated housing information and other topics can be advantageous.

They keep clients informed and if the blogs are intriguing, it encourages clients to share the article with their family and friends. This, in turn, can lead to more traffic on your website and subsequently more leads.

Email Campaign

Developing an email campaign is another great way to establish yourself as a qualified agent. By gathering emails from your website, you can set up an email marketing strategy that keeps your supporters informed. Notifying them of new properties, open houses, and any other exciting information helps to strengthen relationships with your clients and maintains your relevance.

Social Media

With how technologically inclined the world has become, social media has become one of the top outlets for companies and individuals to market themselves. By setting up an account on major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other outlets such as YouTube or Pinterest, you are entering yourself into a supreme global market.

On these platforms, you can interact with various users, market your services and the properties you are selling. You can also invest in social ads, which are extremely beneficial for promoting your name and services. By doing so, you can reach a multitude of prospective clients that are active on social media.

With such stiff completion in the real estate industry, agents must discover ways to set themselves apart from others. Adopting these real estate promotional ideas will aid in your advancement and relevance in the industry.

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