The Future of Real Estate Brokerage - Research Paper from Rob Hahn
By Sarah Kennedy @ Real Estate Daily
January 16, 2018

The future of the real estate brokerage is elusive. New advancements in technology have been occurring in rapid succession over the past few years, and more innovation is on the way. The traditional agent-centric brokerage model is facing extraordinary challenges, especially against tech-powered brokerages.

Going into the new year, brokerages are facing unprecedented challenges and adaption will be necessary for many to stay afloat. Fortunately, Rob Hahn – The Notorious R.O.B. – just published his black paper on The Future of Brokerage. He dives into great detail on agent teams, potential brokerage models, and industry insights for 2018.

Click on the image below to read Hahn’s black paper on the future of the Real Estate BrokerageThe Future of Brokerage