Take a Look Inside this $50 million New York Architectural Masterpiece
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
October 12, 2018

Eduardo Eurnekian, a billionaire Argentine business mogul, is selling his luxurious seven-story New York City house for $50 million. And for the security conscious homeowner, it comes with a very unique perk.

The 10,400-square-foot modern midrise is located east of Central Park in Lenox Hill, with six bedrooms and eight baths. Take a look: The building is equipped with an elevator, wine cellar and numerous outdoor spaces including a private roof deck with a 360-degree view.

“The architectural value of the property has no precedent,” said Compass Real Estate broker Maria Belen Avellaneda.


With windows constructed out of bulletproof glass, the building also promises security.


Source: Compass Real Estate


Avellaneda says the design represents “a notion of luxury that’s classy, refined, clean, smart, safe, efficient, striking, and linked to the ideas of technology and globalization — completely against a way of luxury that’s opulent and vulgar.”

Eurnekian, 85, has a net worth of $2.7 billion, according to Forbes, a fortune built on a range of ventures. He owned a textile factory in Palermo, Argentina, before going on to run a television company, and later entering the airport business.

His company Corporacion America Airports SA, which operates the majority of airlines in Argentina, went public earlier this year. The company also operates the largest airport in Armenia, where Eurnekian’s parents were born. They fled the country in the early 20th century to escape genocide.

In January, Eurnekian told Bloomberg that despite his age, he still swims and practices yoga every day and has no plans to retire soon.

“If you work to make money, you’re screwed,” he once said, according to Forbes. “You don’t work to make money. An artist doesn’t paint to make money. And a good businessman is like an artist.”