ShelterZoom delivers the first block-chain based "Offer and Acceptance" platform for real estate
By Gordon Robbins @ Real Estate Daily
June 6, 2018

ShelterZoom is a revolutionary real estate offer and acceptance platform. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, this cutting-edge new platform streamlines the offer process from start to finish while providing unprecedented transparency, efficiency, accountability, and security.

Since its launch in December 2017, ShelterZoom has won a number of awards including CIO Applications’ “Company of the Year – Blockchain.” Additionally, ShelterZoom was shortlisted by the SIIA CODiE Award as The Best Emerging Technology 2018 and nominated by The Blocks Awards as The Best New Blockchain Startup of 2018.

How it works:

“This is the next generation of offer process.”- Chao Cheng-Shorland, Co-Founder ShelterZoom

ShelterZoom is astonishingly simple to start using. In just a few clicks, anybody can install the company’s “Offer Now” widget on their affiliate site. (Visit for more information on how to become an affiliate.) Once the “Offer Now” widget is installed, buyers are able to instantly submit real offers and track their progress in real time.

All relevant parties are instantly notified when someone views, accepts, or counters an offer. Region-specific document uploads and instant updates help guide buyers and agents through every step of the process, eliminating any uncertainty about an offer. Plus, ShelterZoom’s built-in chat feature helps the agent build their relationship with their clients throughout the process.

Why this is important:

“A tsunami of blockchain technology is coming and agents can benefit greatly from becoming an early adopter.” -Allen Alishahi, Co-Founder ShelterZoom

Efficiency, transparency, and security is the name of the game for ShelterZoom. The platform helps boost efficiency for all parties involved in a real estate transaction, leaving more time for the things that matter.

ShelterZoom’s exceptional transparency and security creates an environment in which everything is on the table right from the start. Once a buyer clicks “Offer Now,” they are prompted with a set of custom questions based on the property’s region and real estate agent. After the initial documents are filled out in the app, the agent is notified that a new offer has been submitted. This allows for complete transparency between all parties involved during the sales process.

The real estate industry is rapidly changing, and companies like ShelterZoom are ushering in a new era of how transactions will be conducted. As a real estate agent, ShelterZoom helps you understand a buyers intent, preferred location, budget, and qualifications from the moment they initiate the offer process. Becoming an early adopter will set you apart from your competition, make you a thought leader in this exciting new space, and help you interact with a young generation of buyers that are knocking on this industry’s door.

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Founders Bio:

Chao Cheng-Shorland is the co-founder and CEO of ShelterZoom Corp. Chao is a highly experienced enterprise architect and an Australian entrepreneur. She has been featured in many publications such as Where Women Work, CCN, Inman News, REAL Trends, Elite Agent Magazine and The Registry. Chao was one of the recipients of the Chief Executive Women program in 2014. In 2016, she established her own Enterprise Architecture and Invention consulting business, iFuture Services. In 2017, she co-founded ShelterZoom Corp. with Allen Alishahi. Under their joint leadership, ShelterZoom has delivered one of the most innovative real estate platforms to the market. The company has since established a market-leading position in Blockchain technology.

A strategic thinker and a competent technology architect, Chao was the Head of Architecture – Corporate and Enterprise IT for Origin Energy, one of the top companies on Australian Stock Exchange, prior to establishing her own business. She has successfully led many complex and high value programs as a lead architect throughout her exciting career working for large corporations. The US$40-billion joint venture project between ConocoPhillips and Origin Energy, and several major ERP transformation programs are among a list of her achievements as a lead architect.

Allen Alishashi is the co-founder and President of ShelterZoom Corp. Allen is a pioneering real estate broker and innovative business strategist with nearly 30 years’ experience building high performing sales organizations, driving record setting revenues, and attaining market dominance. During the course of his career, Allen founded and led a number of highly successful real estate and lending companies based in New York including Falcon Property and Land Company Inc., Peregrine Properties, Sun Properties of New York, Falcon Worldwide Capital Corporation.

Allen has successfully developed brands known for discretion, integrity and excellence by a discerning clientele. Allen and his teams have been successful in handling a diverse a portfolio of high end properties including multi-million dollar and luxury residences, waterfront properties, commercial complexes, shopping centers, industrial developments, and architecturally and historically significant properties. They have also set numerous sales records.

In 2017, Allen co-founded ShelterZoom Corp. with Chao Cheng-Shorland. Under their joint leadership, ShelterZoom has delivered one of the most innovative real estate platforms to the market. The company has since established a market-leading position in Blockchain technology.