New San Francisco Housing Bill To Mandate Increased Density Near Transit
By Adam Brinklow @ Curbed
January 11, 2018


A new bill introduced in the California state legislature Wednesday by San Francisco Assembly member Phil Ting, San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener, and East Bay Senator Nancy Skinner would cede developers a transit-housing bonus for taller denser developments near major transit hubs.

SB 827 would spare new housing developments from certain restrictions if they qualify as “transit-rich housing.” The initial version of the bill defines such housing as “parcels […] within a one-mile radius of a major transit stop or a one-male radius of a high-quality transit corridor.”

California law defines a “major transit stop” as: A site containing an existing rail transit station, a ferry terminal served by either a bus or rail transit service, or the intersection of two or more major bus routes with a frequency of service interval of 15 minutes or less during the morning and afternoon peak commute periods.

For new housing built near such a hub, the bill lays out a variety of potential shortcuts through the permitting process, including…

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