Real Estate Brokerage Marketing Technology Checklist
By Staff Writer @ Real Estate Tech News
January 15, 2018

Starting your own brokerage? You have quite a bit of work ahead of you, but thanks to technology, you have access to incredible marketing tools that will help you build your empire. In the digital age, appealing to the up-and-coming generation of buyers, renters, and investors boils down to UX (that means the user experience).

YouTube – Share your industry knowledge with your audience on a regular basis — YouTube is user-friendly and makes it easier for potential customers to find you. According to a joint study by The National Association of Realtors and Google, YouTube is the top video research destination for home shoppers.

Livestream – The best and most popular example of livestreaming is Facebook Live, which allows you to share a live broadcast with your followers on social media. Use the time to have your customers get to know you; give them sneak previews of newly listed properties; and much more.

Smart Home Devices – Tools like Amazon Echo and Google Assistant allow prospects to ask more questions of you, and feel more comfortable doing so. The challenge is for brokers to become more proactive when it comes to these home devices, by developing custom skills that arrange proper answers to prospect’s questions. They can range from “how much is my home worth?” to “what is the average asking price for this neighborhood?”

Chatbots – Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a common and acceptable form of customer service. Chatbots on your website and app give you the opportunity to meet customers while you (and they) are on the go, providing instant response and engaging them in conversation.

Virtual space – It still may be too early to tell, but brick-and-mortar brokerages may be going the way of the brick-and-mortar retail store. It may be a good bet to investigate virtual spaces, as agents, buyers and sellers become more mobile, more dependent on the Internet, and less dependent on physical offices.