Real Estate Agent is Nearly Robbed at Gunpoint in San Francisco
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
March 27, 2018

Earlier this month, a real estate agent was held up at gunpoint in the San Francisco Neighborhood Bayview heights. The 55-year old real estate agent was showing a home on Pelican Cove, one of 264 privately owned streets in San Francisco. The incident occurred around 2 p.m. on a Saturday, according to the police.


The victim was standing in the kitchen of the home that she planned to show when she heard footsteps inside the house, according to police.

Assuming the noise was coming from potential buyers there to tour the property, she went to greet them, only to encounter the three suspects, one of them armed with a gun, police reported.

They demanded money, police said, gesturing at her purse with the gun until she emptied her wallet of cash, then demanded more and started rifling through the bag.

But they were interrupted by a ring of the doorbell and fled, piling into a blue-silver BMW and driving away from the scene, according to police. The incident is under investigation, and no detailed description of the suspects has been released.

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