Re-purposed with Style: Top 5 best Shipping Container Houses of 2017
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
January 11, 2018

Various examples of unique architecture were everywhere in the past year A big emerging trend people demonstrated was a desire to downsize and declutter their living space. The trend even invaded the building process, and people started building shipping container houses.

Shipping container homes are typically small, but almost always well-designed and awesome to look at. Here are Curbed’s top 5 shipping container homes from 2017:

California – London designer James Whitaker built this wild construction as a vacation home for him and his wife. The 2,153-sq-ft. home is extravagant on the outside with a clean and simplistic interior

Missouri – A couple decided on a whim to buy this empty lot and build their own shipping container house. We chose a container house because it gave us the most bang for our buck,” Brie told Curbed. “It allowed us to use recycled materials, which was important to us. The cost of it, and the fact we did so much of it ourselves, allowed us to live mortgage free, which was also important to us.”

Canada – This unique home is built from a shipping container and can actually travel like a shipping container. Canada-based company Honomobo made this 362-sq-ft. home ready to be delivered and installed anywhere in the world.

Montana – Architect and artist Ty Kelly designed and built and designed this home himself. Kelly is the owner of Spore Architecture in Seattle, but built this 720-sq-ft. home by welding together two shipping containers in the midst of Montana’s gorgeous landscape

South Africa – Architecture for A Change designed this 1,400-sq-ft. home – dubbed Cliff House – in Johannesburg. It’s 100% off-the-grid, built largely of recyclable materials, and sits atop a custom-designed steel frame.