Pro Advice: Lead Generation and Conversion Blog Topics for Real Estate Agents
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
December 13, 2017

Creating consistent and compelling blog content is no easy task. The most successful real estate agents always keep their content relevant and valuable to their audience. After a while, however, everybody starts running out of good ideas.

Key Takeaways

  • Always create relevant and valuable content
  • Think about long-term position strategy
  • Consider targeting various types of clientele


Here are some starting points to provide thoughtful blogs for your readers:

Home Buying/Selling Tips – Blogging about general advice for buyers or sellers can be a great way to get on peoples’ radar and position yourself for more business down the road. Whether they are in the early stages of deciding or are already going through the process with another agent, it’s a great way to increase your presence and “plant a seed” in peoples’ mind.

Home Improvement – Everybody loves to dream about potential upgrades or improvements for their homes. The best part is that is appeals to buyers and sellers. Buyers can imagine what they might want out of a while sellers get a good glimpse into what kind of things are trending and will appeal to buyers.

Property Types – There are investors out there who will love this type of content. Investors tend to be repeat customers, so try covering different types of properties that might interest your potential clients

Financial tips – Giving a general overview of finances, like what to expect throughout the process, can be a good primer to prospects in the mindset of buying/selling. While they will get detailed financial advice from a certified lender, a basic overview never hurts.

Renting – targeting renters in your blog posts is a great way to set yourself up for a lot of business down the road. Odds are if somebody is renting, they have plans to own down the road.

FSBO vs Realtor – Targeting for-sale-by-owners may seem weird, but it can also be a lucrative market to tap into. You likely won’t have a lot of competition building relationships with FSBOs. The hard part is working to convince them that hiring you as a real estate agent is worth it.

Common Mistakes – the details of the buying/selling processes are extremely confusing to most consumers. It’s far too often fraught with doubt and uncertainty. On the other hand, this presents an great opportunity to quell those fears by offering valuable content on common mistakes.