Pro Advice from Instagram's Top Commercial Real Estate Accounts
By William Church @ Real Estate Daily
January 2, 2018

Instagram is a lot different from other social media platforms. It demands a specific type of content that most commercial real estate professionals tend to avoid. Whether it chalks up to a lack of understanding or little effort to embrace the platform, Instagram can be hugely profitable for a business.

Key Takeaways

  • Stick with a consistent theme throughout all posts
  • Aim for 3 to 5 high-quality posts per week
  • Keep the captions honest and relevant to the business
  • Comment and “like” other real estate accounts’ photographs
  • Learn how to take and edit the best quality photos
Source: Forbes


Here are tips from the top five real estate Instagram accounts:

Two Trees – Make sure all your posts revolve around a consistent theme. Tell a story with different types of content by including pictures or people and surrounding neighborhoods as well as buildings.

CBRE – Impress your followers with incredible photographs that people will find genuinely interesting. CBRE has garnered over 25,000 followers by posting picturesque photos from all over the world, none of which were “new listing” or “just sold” posts.

International Council of Shopping Centers – ICSC does a great job of posting a mix of business topics, architecture, and promotion. Their captions are honest and business relevant. Their photos are colorful, eye-catching and business-relevant.

Cool Working Spaces – This account focuses on amazing architecture and working spaces. Posts include the most cutting-edge buildings and workspace design for their 20,000 followers. They recommend maintaining an active community presence on Instagram by commenting and “liking” other accounts’ pictures.

Will Elliot – Elliot is a talented photographer and commercial broker in Hawaii (not a bad place for taking eye-popping photos). He posts a mix of personal, travel, and architecture on his Instagram. For inexperienced photographers, he recommends taking some time to learn how to take the best quality photograph and edit it to look amazing.