If Your Pay-Per-Click Strategy Isn't Optimized, You're Throwing Money Away
By Gregg Wellington @ Real Estate Daily
March 2, 2018

Using pay-per-click ad campaigns on Google Adwords or Facebook is an easy way to increase your volume of leads. The problem is that most Realtors haven’t optimized their campaigns, this can result in a higher cost per lead and a lot of wasted money.

Optimizing your campaign requires you to think carefully about your sales funnel. Most prospects will be in the top funnel since those in the bottom of funnel will already be working with a Realtor. Building ad campaigns that carefully align with top-of-funnel intent and integrate a lead capture form is an effective way to increase your advertising ROI.

Key Takeaways

  • Build ad campaigns around top-of-funnel searches like, "best neighborhoods in…" or "affordable homes in…"
  • Use a landing page that's highly specific to the user intent. Someone who searches for affordable housing in a particular city will want to see a page full of affordable home listings in that city.
  • Pay close attention to your analytics to see which ads are working and why, then try to duplicate that success.


Building a Cohesive PPC Strategy
Home buyers at the top of the funnel will want to see a landing page filled with curated home listings mirroring their search terms. Most people will expect results to be filtered by area. Some will want general regions, such as Des Plaines or Chicago, whereas others will want highly specific neighborhoods. Home sellers will need different sorts of content to convert. General information, like a step-by-step overview of the selling process, tends to work well.

Accompany all content with email capture forms to bring site visitors inside your actual marketing funnel. Then, follow up with drip campaigns that offer personalized messages (“I saw you were interested in selling your home. What specific questions can I answer for you?”) and personalized content (“Here are 20 gorgeous four-bedroom homes in Des Plaines for you”).

Think about User Intent
When considering your bidding strategy and the keywords you want to invest in, think about the intent of your potential leads. For instance, someone searching for “best neighborhoods in Austin, Texas” may not even be truly considering moving there. Yet, a slim portion of traffic could convert to a lead, so you may still want to bring those searchers into your funnel. On the other hand, someone searching for “houses for sale in Round Rock” is more clearly shopping for a home.

Considering personas can also help you find niche keyword groups and optimize your PPC ad copy for maximum effectiveness. For instance, someone searching for homes in Round Rock may be more apt to click on an ad that reads, “homes within 15 miles of Dell HQ” compared to a more generic “homes for sale in Round Rock, Texas.”

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