Organize Your Real Estate Business with a Modern CRM Platform
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
February 16, 2018

Many real estate professionals still use their basic CRM software for contact information alone. Customer relationship management technology has come a long way in the past decade, and the most innovative CRM platforms have become some of the best tools for success in real estate.

Contactually is one of those innovative CRM platforms that is constantly adapting to a complex industry. The team at Contactually focuses on providing professionals with the organization, flexibility, and connectivity they need to thrive in a fast changing business. Here are the benefits of excellent CRM for real estate professionals:

Key Takeaways

  • Contactually incorporates agent notes, market data, spreadsheets, and customer communication into a singular platform
  • Modern platforms are accessible anywhere from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices
  • CRM platforms automate many mundane but important tasks to maximize efficiency
  • They also help track and distribute communication with past and present customers


One of the distinct advantages of customer relationship management platforms is their ability to integrate features and characteristics specific to the real estate industry, providing professionals a constant connection with their customer database. The real estate market never pauses to catch its breath; the data that serves as a real estate professional’s lifeblood cannot rest either.

CRM platforms integrate agent notes, market data, spreadsheets and all instances of customer communication within a convenient, streamlined and singular platform that should be accessible from desktops, laptops and mobile devices alike. The ability to quickly react to customer questions, concerns and demands could very well be a difference maker in an industry that is so dependent on positive relationships and word-of-mouth.

Balance Automated Efficiency and Personalization – Of course, constant connectivity can also have its drawbacks. Although seamless communication with a customer base is absolutely critical in maintaining and expanding a successful practice, it also places significant demands on time and other resources that are already stretched to capacity. To meet such demands, a real estate CRM platform must be able to automate many of the mundane but important tasks and responsibilities to maximize the efficiency of a real estate professional’s operations.

While automated messages are inherently more passive and distant than interpersonal communication, they can be extremely helpful in providing an informative and immediate response that bolsters a sense of professionalism and thoroughness that can breed customer loyalty over the longer-term.

Never Be Farther Than Arm’s Reach – Similarly, every successful or seasoned real estate professional knows that a consistent connection with the customer base, both past and current, can provide repeated sales and lower customer acquisition costs over the longer-term. While past clients might not necessarily appreciate frequent sales pitches and offers, simple communication that is personalized and timely can provide the motivation for those past clients to once again seek an agent’s service for future transactions.

Therefore, the importance of customer relationship management platforms includes the ability to track and distribute such communication, a feature that can pay for itself many times over by simply maintaining this type of communication. For instance, when a former client receives an email from their real estate professional on every anniversary of their home purchase, which might not include anything other than well wishes, that client is far more likely to use that agent’s services for real estate transactions in the future.

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