How to Generate Millennial and Gen Z Real Estate Leads With SnapChat
By Nicole Slaughter Graham @ Realtor Magazine
August 22, 2018

Reaching younger clientele is on every agent’s mind nowadays. Millennials, often touted as “late to the party,” are finally buying, and real estate professionals are doing everything possible to connect with them. Social media is a great place to start, but if you’re only using Facebook, chances are you’re missing a big chunk of the millennial pie.

A recent Pew Research study asserts that while Facebook is still the most dominant social media platform in terms of number of users, platforms like Snapchat are more popular among millennials and Gen Zers when it comes to daily use. In fact, an average of 187 million people use Snapchat every day, and many of them are on it multiple times per day.

Snapchat was the original driver of real-time social sharing. Well before Instagram and Facebook added the stories feature, Snapchat was the hub for short bursts of as-it-happens video and photos. The platform took off as users seemed to crave a less curated social experience. Agents, brokers, and even property management companies are all jumping on the social site, which is proving to be fruitful. Below are tips and tricks that provide a well-rounded look at how to engage young homebuyers and renters on Snapchat.

Key Takeaways

  • Pew Research study asserts that while Facebook is still the most dominant social media platform in terms of number of users, platforms like Snapchat are more popular among millennials and Gen Zers when it comes to daily use
  • A majority of Americans use Facebook and YouTube, but young adults are especially heavy users of Snapchat and Instagram
  • Roughly three-quarters of Facebook users ­– and around six-in-ten Snapchat and Instagram users – visit each site daily

Let Your Audience Drive Your Efforts

For the property management company Village Green, which has offices and properties all across the country, figuring out what residents want is all about letting those residents take over the driver’s seat. “We have a team that brainstorms hashtags and events, but we’ve found that sometimes the users have great ideas, too,” says Ashley Yax, Village Green’s vice president of sales and marketing. Yax explains that they throw an idea out to their audience for a hashtag, and then they let the audience take the reins. “The residents come up with some really creative stuff.”

Village Green has also found Snapchat’s heat map particularly useful. The heat map highlights areas with high levels of activity within a specific city. “We happened to notice a lot of activity through the heatmap near a property of ours in Ohio on Memorial weekend, and we just kind of used it as a learning opportunity,” Yax says. Users access the heatmap to find local hotspots and connect with others, and this information can inform how a company uses the platform. “It’s all about connection,” she says.

Authenticity and Service

For Chicago real estate agent Sonia Figueroa, SFR, using Snapchat is all about providing a service to her followers while simultaneously showcasing her true self. “Someone is always trying to sell something,” she says, “but on Snapchat, I want to show what’s really going on in my industry and in my life.”

Figueroa originally started using Periscope—a live video feature used on Twitter—before making the move to Snapchat. “Periscope was a nice introduction to creating videos, but I found that Snapchat is more fun, which keeps me engaged,” she says.

Figueroa started out simply playing around with the app, specifically the filters feature—a user favorite—and she found that people started to engage with her on the platform. “People started asking what I was about, so I created a quick little script about my real estate business.” The following, she says, grew from there.

On the platform, Figueroa likes to keep things playful and light while still providing her following with useful industry tips. Her efforts have proven effective, and she boasts around 18,000 daily impressions on Snapchat. “I like to share tips and tricks,” she explains. “I work with a lot of first-time homebuyers, and I think it’s important to provide them with useful information.” Figueroa also uses the platform to share snippets about her city and showcase interesting features from the homes she’s listed. This, she says, keeps her use of the platform both professional and relatable. “People like to feel like they know you. Snapchat is a great way to add a little personality and still tell people the best way to, say, get rid of mold in their basement.”

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