How to Create an Effective Lead Generation and Branding Budget for 2019
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
October 19, 2018

A stable budget is one of the essential parts of lead generation. Still, many real estate agents have unrealistic expectations for their haphazard lead generation strategies.

First, agents must differentiate between two types of spending for lead generation: “lead capture and conversion,” and “branding and exposure.” Branding has its benefits, but it is not the same as capturing real leads and gathering their information on a landing page.

A well-thought-out Facebook budget is all but necessary for lead generation in 2019. Then, consider some training courses to stay up-to-date on new marketing strategies and trends. Next, make sure your professional website and landing page are appealing and optimized.

Key Takeaways

  • Create a thorough Facebook strategy that includes a variety of advertising strategies
  • Choose new training courses yearly to stay fresh with your marketing strategies
  • Optimize your website (mobile compatibility is vital) and use landing page software


There are two different ways to spend money… one is on lead generation (lead capture & conversion) and the other is on “branding” also known as “exposure” or “name recognition.”

Any money you spend online needs to be focused on capturing leads. Online lead generation is not about branding. It’s not about “getting your name out there”. It’s not about “exposure.” It’s about lead capture and conversion. That’s it. Lead capture and conversion.

Any money spent on sponsorships, scholarships, charity involvement, should be focused on giving back to your community… knowing that there is a benefit in people seeing you involved in your community. You will reap some “exposure” but this form of spending is absolutely not about lead capture and conversion.

Once you understand this simple concept – the difference between spending for lead capture and spending to give back, your results will change. Drastically.

Facebook Budget

A Facebook budget is imperative in 2018. In other words, if you want to generate high quality, action taking, real estate leads in 2016, you must implement a Facebook strategy. I’m not talking about running basic “home value” ads. I’m talking about an entire Facebook strategy.


Training is important and insanely valuable. You definitely want to always be learning. Even if you are delegating most of the tasks to assistants, you want to have a strategic understanding of what you are about to implement into your business. Don’t outsource strategy and understanding. Outsource tasks.

Landing page software

Yes, you need landing page specific software. If you want to step out of the proverbial “industry box” of terrible conversion rates, you must have landing page software that truly converts the traffic that you drive to it.

Your goal is to grab traffic by their throats and compel them to opt-in… they’ll know, without a doubt that you have the solution to all of their problems and they’ll basically throw their contact information at you.


Wait! Don’t skip over this one. You’re probably thinking “I’ve already got a web presence so I’m good to go…” I’m here to say… you are probably not good to go.

You need a website that is a couple of things…

Mobile responsive

Lead capture optimized

Content marketing focused

Every single one of these is high priority. If you want to leverage your website to capture real estate leads AND to leverage it to build know / like / trust relationships, you must have all three of these in your website.

Email marketing software

No, I’m not talking about a real estate CRM. I’m talking about software (not outlook or gmail) whose sole job, is to focus on your email marketing… and no I don’t mean a vendor who writes and sends your emails for you. I’m talking about a software like MailChimp that sets you up for email marketing success.

As an industry, we are so focused on “delegating and outsourcing” that we think we can outsource relationship building. We focus on only the “ripe apples” hanging from the tree forgetting that all of the rest of the apples will ripen as well.

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