How to Dominate Your Market with Multi-Channel Content Marketing
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
December 1, 2017
Multi-channel marketing is the best option for real estate agents to start consistently generating leads. Read more…

Multi-channel marketing is the best option for real estate agents to start consistently generating leads. Let’s face it, those lead generation services claiming to deliver high-quality leads rarely work as expected. Instead of looking for a shortcut, start building a solid base and shoot for reliable long-term results.

In 2017, social medias’ reach is expansive and technology is changing the industry. That’s why Discover publications wrote their real estate agents guide to “Dominate in 2018 Using Multi-Channel Content Marketing.” Below, we’ve excerpted their comprehensive preview of the information covered in their guide.

Multichannel Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents:

Executive Summary – It’s tough to get listings – in any market. Top agents have learned that there is no silver bullet. Instead of “get leads quick” schemes, they turn to multichannel content marketing. It’s a long-range approach for long-term success. Any agent who does it right (along with prospecting, public relations, and delivering top-notch service) can build an unstoppable lead generating machine.

Referrals Are King – Without a doubt, referrals are the easiest, cheapest, and best leads. Referrals are won by:

– Getting clients the best possible deal in the least amount of time, with-out legal, finance, inspection, or negotiation problems.
– Staying in touch, even long after the sale. Agents who stay top of mind for years after closing will get referrals from past clients
– Asking for referrals, every time and more than once
– Rewarding the act of referring – not just when referrals become clients

Multichannel content marketing is built to generate leads from both within and beyond an agent’s sphere. Agents regularly touching their networks with great content stay fresh in the minds of past clients, because their messages are interesting, frequent, and arriving through multiple channels.

Marketing Makes a Kingdom – Referrals are king, but it’s marketing that builds an empire. New agents need to first build a critical mass before referrals start rolling in, and successful agents at some point plateau if relying solely on referrals (especially without mechanisms in play keeping them top of mind with past clients). A solid and consistent marketing plan is the key to breaking in as well as breaking through. In this guide, we discuss how agents can dominate their markets using local content and marketing integration.

We’ve studied how modern prospects consume information and examined the effectiveness of multiple marketing channels. We surveyed thousands of active agents, looked at what makes our own marketing products perform, and asked agents at the top of the industry what’s working for them. We hope you make great use of our research and the insights we’ve gained from marketing many thousands of top agents over the years.


While it’s crucial that real estate agents know the best ways to connect with their clients, this is often the greatest challenge many of them face.

The modern home seller (and buyer) is fast and unpredictable — and rapidly expanding channels like social media are changing how agents’ prospects get their information (CNBC, 2016). As a result, even established brands and agencies are shifting their strategies and redefining their terms of “success.” Even though there’s a lot for diligent marketers to keep up with, these changing habits present an opportunity for reaching more prospects in more ways than ever before. Best of all, contrary to popular belief, it’s easy to do.

Unlike mega-brands, real estate agents only need to master a handful of channels, interlace them, and keep local content flowing through. Agents can leverage a myriad of technologies and services developed to make multichannel content marketing easy – from writing to marketing automation to mailing and more.

Real estate agents are able to engage with consumers by providing them with information they want to consume. A staggering number of prospects can be reached by tapping into the various forms of social media, online publishing platforms, email campaigns, and direct mail channels.

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MULTICHANNEL CONTENT MARKETING educates and informs prospects across multiple, integrated channels – By publishing local, real-estate related content across a few core channels in a coordinated and organized fashion, an agent can accomplish many goals. Augmenting an effective online presence with content-forward direct mail has helped real estate agents connect with their audience and achieve a greater ROI, pushing them to the top of the industry.
In this guide, we’ll explore how.


Choosing the correct channels is paramount to success, and equally important is an agent’s choice of messaging. What should Realtors tell prospects through blogging, direct mail, social media, and email marketing? (The use of these channels are covered in detail in the next section).

Consider that a prospect’s decision to hire an agent begins with “awareness,” before they are even planning to sell. Most homeowners in a given month aren’t actively seeking an agent, so promotional marketing won’t apply. Content about the housing market and community will. By engaging with listing prospects early in the buying “funnel,” agents can establish a connection with homeowners long before it’s time to list.

CONTENT BUILDS TRUST – Most people probably wouldn’t buy insurance from an agent who hawked his goods like a street merchant, nor would they buy a used car from a dealer they knew little about. Trust is earned by showing rather than telling, and local content can show prospects how well an agent knows the market. The following research underscores the importance of content in marketing:

– 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading
– 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading• custom content. (Demand Metric)
– 64% of people say that their experience is more important than price when deciding who to work with. (Gartner)
– 70% of consumers say content marketing makes them feel closer to the company who provides it. (Roper Public Affairs)
– Interesting content is one of the main reasons people follow brands on social media. (Demand Metric)

CONTENT GENERATES LEADS – In addition to building trust and loyalty, there’s an increasing amount of data pointing to content marketing as great way to generate leads:

– Content marketing generates three times more leads per dollar and costs 31-41% less than paid search. (Kapost/Eloqua)
– Website conversion rate (website visitors who fill out a form) is nearly six times higher for content marketers (2.9% vs. 0.5%). (Aberdeen Group)


To think, plan for, and execute an effective multichannel content marketing campaign, it’s important to understand how the individual channels function on their own. What multichannel marketing looks like, and exactly how many channels it covers will always vary greatly by company and industry. In this guide, we’ll examine what we call the “Big 3” real estate marketing pillars. These channels are the most critical for multi-channel marketing success.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Creating business pages/profiles with the top social media sites, and using them to post content and connect with prospects
EMAIL – Building a list of past clients and new prospects, emailing informative content regularly, and using automation/drips to further engage subscribers
DIRECT MAIL – Carving out a “listing farm” and mailing publications or newsletters with local content at least quarterly (in addition to postcards and other mail)

Keep in mind, these channels do not replace prospecting efforts. To succeed, many agents also knock on doors, sponsor local events, and pick up the phone. Marketing should be done concurrently with in-person and telephone prospecting, with a sales conversion process for incoming leads.

The “Big 3” are ideal platforms for agents because they meet today’s home-owners wherever they are, and however they prefer to communicate. They are also perfectly suited for publishing content. Distributing relevant articles and videos through email, direct mail, and social media will generate direct leads as well as boost SEO, which in turn generates even more leads.

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