How to Create a Real Estate Newsletter Prospects Will Actually Read
By Tom George @ Real Estate Daily
April 6, 2018

Your clients are bombarded with emails, both relevant and junk mail, every day. Make sure they open your real estate newsletter by taking the time to create catchy, engaging subject lines that are about 50 characters long and contain the most important words at the beginning.

Using your client’s name, referencing pop culture, or quoting surprising statistics can pique the interest of the reader and move them open the email. Often times mobile devices show a preview of the email. Therefore, you should organize the body of your email so that at the beginning you mention the client’s name and the purpose of the mail. In conjunction with applying these suggestions, you can use a content management program to see the open rate of your emails and determine which methods work best.

Key Takeaways

  • By varying their approach, real estate professionals can be more successful with their email marketing.
  • Avoid using email subject lines that are too general, unclear, cliche, or that are just clickbait. Using content management programs will help to track your email or newsletter open rates and see which subject lines yield the best results.
  • Within the body of the email, the client’s name should be mentioned, and a clear purpose for the email should be provided.


Your clients sift through junk mail every day. So grabbing their attention before they automatically delete your e-newsletter can be a tall order. But refining your e-mail marketing efforts doesn’t have to be complicated. Effective communication via newsletter takes only a few simple tweaks and mindful adjustments to get potential clients to open it—and read. Take a look at a couple of ideas below to add value to your newsletter and garner those coveted open rates that let you know your efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

Create Stirring but Honest Subject Lines

Email subject lines and headlines aren’t just formalities; they’re the banner you fly to grab the attention of your reader. So how exactly can you make your subject line pop? For starters, be upfront and clear. It’s tempting to try and create intrigue in a subject line—which isn’t a bad instinct—but it’s better to be explicit in what your newsletter will discuss. Cliché subject lines won’t grab attention, while those that try to create a big show of mystery will only work once and then deter recipients from clicking again in the future. Avoid subject lines like “Our Monthly Newsletter.” Instead, try engaging with emotions and asking questions. You might also try making your “from” line your own first name instead of the name of your business; it creates a person-to-person connection.

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