How Being a Real Estate Mentor Can Boost Business for Both Parties
By Elizabeth Stewart @ Real Estate Daily
March 6, 2018

Most real estate professionals do not consider mentoring as an option to grow their business, but the benefits can be immense. There are plenty of new real estate agents searching for guidance in a vast and profitable industry, and they will reward you with business, connections, and new opportunities over time.

Key Takeaways

  • Mentoring helps expand your professional network and position yourself as a thought leader and industry expert
  • Consider sharing simple tips and strategies, as well as entire systems with your mentee
  • Start looking for mentorship opportunities with family and friends, or consider a more social media-savvy approach
Source: Forbes


While most people fear training their competition, I’ve found that mentoring actually nets the following benefits:

You expand your own network of professionals – I’ve met thousands of people across the United States, and many of them have helped me expand my business and increase my public reach. The more you reach out to help others, the more others will help you by introducing you to opportunities you may not have otherwise had.

You perfect your own craft in the industry, becoming better at what you do – The very nature of becoming a mentor motivates you to learn and retain more of your own expertise. This is known as the protege effect. Knowing you’re going to teach someone else causes you to pay more attention to what really makes a difference in the industry.

You become viewed as a thought leader and industry expert – Once you’ve mentored many people, you become known as an expert who people seek out. This may lead to speaking at conferences or other new avenues for reaching potential clients and collaborators.

What Information To Share As A Mentor

Tips and strategies: Tips and strategies are one-off skills you can teach so your mentee can improve one particular part of their business. For example, a tip to get more listings would be to offer 10 free home valuations per week.

Entire systems: Systems are step-by-step approaches to success in an industry. They tell you what to do and when to do it. If you’re teaching someone new to the business, you may teach them when and where to get their license. Then how to get their first client. Then how to grow their business.

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