Governor Brown Signs Bills Aiming to Fix California Housing Crunch
By Jocelyn Gecker & Kathleen Ronayne @ The News & Observer
October 2, 2017
Brown signed 15 bills outside a San Francisco affordable housing complex. The bills include more money to build affordable housing and policies to...

The News & Observer: SAN FRANCISCO – Lawmakers and housing advocates cheered Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature Friday of a package of bills aimed at tackling the growing affordable housing crisis in California, which lacks an estimated 1.5 million affordable rentals compared to demand.

But with the skyline of one of the nation’s most expensive cities as the backdrop, they acknowledged the state’s housing crunch is far from solved.

“We cannot move past today and just check the box, say we’ve done housing and move onto something else,” said Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat. “When you spend 50 years driving your car into a ditch that means it’s a really deep ditch.”


But it will be several years before affordable housing units start popping up across the state and, when they do, they won’t cover California’s full demand.

Still, the money combined in the bills is expected to create up to 90,000 affordable rental homes in the next seven to 10 years, a fraction of what’s needed.

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