Fidelity National Title Group Expands Presence In Florida And Southeast Markets
By Travis Gonzalez @ BisNow
April 20, 2017
Fidelity National Title Group is expanding its physical presence in Florida.

EXCERPT: Fidelity National Title Group, the largest group of title companies and title insurance underwriters in the U.S., is expanding its physical presence in Florida. While the Atlanta office has typically serviced the Southeast market, the new office will cement Fidelity’s commitment to reaching its national customers directly from its Florida headquarters.

As a company with a national network of commercial offices, Fidelity’s Florida commercial presence can help customers navigate a growing number of large-scale, multisite and multistate transactions. Part of the challenge has been letting customers know that the efficient coordination of multistate businesses is a possibility.

Fidelity National Commercial Services vice president and counsel Doug Booher is leading the Sunshine State’s commercial expansion. “In a state like Florida, people often tend to be focused just on what services are available within that state,” Booher “For a customer to understand that they can go to an operation like us to coordinate title, escrow and closing services in any other state, when they are so used to having to go state-to-state, has been somewhat challenging, but well-received.”

“In terms of what a customer should look for in title insurance, choose a company that employs the best in the business,” Booher said.