Digital Marketing Skills: The 25 Most Popular Real Estate Social Media Hashtags
By J Garner @ Fit Small Business
November 20, 2018

Posting on social media can be a great way to engage with your audience and generate leads. In order to use these sites effectively, you need to understand how to use real estate hashtags, as those who do get over 12% more engagement and more followers who are targeted to what they discuss.

In this article, we’ll examine the top 25 real estate hashtags you should be using to get more leads from social media.

Key Takeaways

  • Although hashtags are largely the same across platforms, the strategies to use them will differ across the social media platform you choose to use
  • Blanca Valbuena, social media expert and co-founder of Socialdraft, told us that specific hashtags are better than general hashtags—just be careful not to get too specific.
  • Since hashtags count toward your 280-character limit on Twitter, you’ll be able to say more to your audience and appear more professional on the platform when using limited real estate hashtags

1. #“Your Target Neighborhood”

If you’re trying to become a local expert (you should be), then you need to engage with people who live or want to live in your target neighborhood. A picture of a beautiful home for a great price should generate a lot of traffic, but if that traffic doesn’t live or want to live in your target neighborhood, it won’t do you much good. For example, if you’re working in Silver Lake in Los Angeles, you should add #SilverLake to your tweets about your listings or local market news.

Try to be as creative and local as possible here. If your neighborhood has a nickname only the locals use, go with that. The idea is to show that you know the neighborhood and are also involved in the neighborhood.

2. #CurbAppeal

Since sellers may look to Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest for curb appeal ideas, #CurbAppeal is a great hashtag to use along with your curb appeal tips and ideas, or even with listings that show before and after pictures where you helped a seller improve curb appeal.

3. #JustListed

This one should be a given for any new listing you get. While people may not necessarily search for the just listed real estate hashtag, using just listed in your post helps build a sense of urgency. Everyone loves to check out the latest and greatest on the market.

4. #“Location+The Style of Home You’re Listing”

If your listing is a desirable style of home for your area, using a hashtag to bring attention to it can work wonders. For example, if you’re listing a brownstone in Brooklyn, you might use #BrooklynBrownstone as a hashtag. If you’re listing a beachfront home in Malibu, #MalibuBeachfront is a great hashtag to use.

5. #DreamHome

#DreamHome is a great way to get your audience to start fantasizing about living in your listing. While this is a great real estate hashtag to use, you need to use it appropriately. #DreamHome makes sense for a beautiful property with mountain views, but it might not make as much sense for a 1,500 square foot teardown next to the railroad tracks.

6. #MillionDollarListing

Piggybacking on the success of a major network television program, this hashtag has become synonymous with luxury homes. While it might not be as targeted as local hashtags, you will get plenty of traffic from daydreamers and window shoppers. While they are pretty far from your ideal audience, more followers who are real estate buffs is never a bad thing.

7. #OldHouseCharm

#OldHouseCharm can work great to show off vintage details of your listings. This hashtag is pretty heavy on pro-level photography, so make sure you’re not only highlighting beautiful old features of your listing (door knobs, inlaid floors, plaster work, etc.) but have great pictures as well.

8. #Investment

Using #Investment can be a clever way to point out how great of a deal your listing is. Even if your home is relatively expensive, using this hashtag for listings in hot neighborhoods can remind people of the rising market.

9. #HomeSweetHome

Like #DreamHome#HomeSweetHome helps your audience see your listing as a home rather than an empty house to purchase. While the distinction may seem trivial, getting your audience emotionally invested in your listing is essential to great marketing. Remember, homes are an emotional decision first and a rational decision second.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Use the hashtag #OpenHouse to promote your open houses.

11. #HouseHunting

If you’re looking for buyer leads, tagging your posts about house hunting advice with #HouseHuntingcan be a big help. The key to remember when creating or posting content under this hashtag is to only offer useful advice and empathy.

12. #CashCow

Here’s one for the multi-family agents out there. Using #CashCow reminds your potential buyers just how much profit they’ll be able to generate from your listing. You might also consider using hashtags like #GreatCapRate or #Turnkey.

13. #CountryLife

This is a great one for rural properties, vacation getaways, or even plots of land. It helps remind your audience of all the great things about living in the country. You may get a lot of daydreamers, but more followers are never a bad thing.

14. #“ Complimenting Your Clients”

If you have a great client who bought you a cool closing gift or sent you a great referral, Twitter can be a great place to thank them and show off your business as well. You might try posting a picture of the great gift they bought you and using a hashtag like #Blessed or #BestClientEver. Be clever and creative with hashtags here, but most importantly, be honest.

15. #“A Great Amenity That’s Nearby”

Another great way to bring local attention to your listing is to use a hashtag of a nearby amenity. For example, if the home is close to Lake George, adding #LakeGeorge to your tweets or Instagram post will bring in people who are interested in Lake George. They may not be ready to move, but they might know someone who is.

16. #FixandFlip

Here is one for the REO (Real Estate Owned) agents out there. Using a hashtag like #FixandFlip will help attract buyers who are looking to fix and flip homes. You can use this in advice posts, infographics, and listings.

17. #JustSold

Use this hashtag to show off your recently sold listings. Just Sold Postcards are another great way to reach out to the neighbors of your just sold listing. Check out our in-depth guide here.

18. #“Your Brokerage Name”

While using a hashtag of the franchise you work for might lead to your tweet getting lost with a million more, using your brokerage or team name can help build your brand. If you’re not on a team or working for a small brokerage, you can also find hashtags for your franchise’s local presence, e.g., Keller Williams New York City. If you have several agents posting with the hashtag, it can also be a nice way to check out what they’re doing on Twitter or Instagram.

19. #LocationLocationLocation

This can be a clever hashtag to use when you have a listing that’s in a truly amazing location but might not be the prettiest house in the world.

20. #OceanView

If your listing has a great (or even not so great) view of the water, using a hashtag like #OceanView or #RiverView should be a no-brainer. Who doesn’t want an ocean view?

21. #“The Local School District”

If your listing is in a sought-after school district, using the district’s name as a hashtag for your listing is a great idea. This way, your listing might come up for parents researching school districts.

22. #HousePortrait

If you have a listing with an Instagram-worthy exterior, then you should definitely use the #HousePortrait hashtag. This is a hashtag that people use when posting exteriors of gorgeous homes. While many of them are expensive, some just have a certain charm. Great for Victorians or other vintage homes.

23. #FSBO

Okay, this one might be a little bit sneaky, but you could theoretically use it for an advice post explaining why homeowners shouldn’t try to sell their homes without an agent.

24. #FreeCMA

This one is super specific, but you may be able to attract FSBO homeowners who are trying to find a way to run comparative market analyses (CMAs) for their home.

25. #Hustle

Here’s a fun hashtag to use when you’re working hard for your clients and want everyone to know it. For example, if you did three open houses in one day, you might tweet “Just finished the THIRD open house for the day! #Hustle”.

The top real estate hashtags can be incredibly useful in getting you noticed on social media. By learning how to use real estate hashtags specifically to the platform you use, and using the tips listed above, agents can place themselves in front of an audience of people already interested in what they have to offer.

Using social media can come with a steep learning curve to master the different platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. For some agents, while they want an active social presence, they also need to be mindful of the time they have left for client work.

If you want to learn more about automating your social media strategy, check out Placester’s in-depth guide 5 Real Estate Marketing Tasks to Automate (and 5 You Shouldn’t).

Original article published at Fit Small Business