Buildium Software Enables Property Managers to Streamline Their Business
By William Church @ Real Estate Daily
December 1, 2017

Buildium is a property management software that allows landlords and owners to completely organize and streamline their business. It helps organize business management operations like maintenance requests, establishes clear communication with tenants, and comes with accounting features to help manage online payments and financial reports.

Key Takeaways

  • Buildium property management software used to organize and streamline business
  • Includes business management, communication and accounting features
  • Proven to reduces maintenance response time and repair volatile tenant relationships


Owners of Buildium, Michael Montiero and Dimitrus Georgakopoulos, were both property managers themselves before starting the company back in 2004. By 2012, Buildium boasted over 5,000 customers and growing. Now claiming to service 12,500 property managers and 175,000 property owners, the software is gaining serious momentum.

Montiero and Georgakopoulos say their software has everything a property manager needs. That may not be too far of a stretch, either, seeing as Buildium can be used to streamline so many different aspects of the property management business. The software itself is a platform that property managers can use on their smartphones, tablets or computer. It comes with a variety of features specifically catered to servicing property managers and owners.

Accounting and business operation features allow users to create financial reports and promptly manage maintenance issues from a distance. It also includes a cost-savings calculator to help predict potential savings based on various aspects of your business. Buildium even partnered with HappyCo to allows property managers to inspect units from their mobile devices.


Buildium is proven successful through research as well. The company recently released case study that found using the software reduced maintenance response time by 80% and helped reduce the volume of non-sales-related calls by 35%.

Fortunately, if you are in the market for a new property management software, Buildium offers a team to help you transition software. Their website also offers a wealth of educational guides and reports to help property managers stay at the top of their game.