Best Real Estate CRM: Contactually Ranked #1 Side-by-Side with Top Producer and REthink
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily (Sponsored)
July 24, 2017
Contactually, Top Producer, and REthink... These companies cover the range of options for Realtors in terms of pricing, features and integrations.


Real Estate CRM software helps agents, teams and brokerages manage their contacts to nurture leads, and get more referrals from their sphere. We looked at the most popular options and rising stars and decided to review ContactuallyTop Producer, and REthink. These companies cover the range of options for Realtors in terms of pricing, features and integrations.

Best CRM For Relationship Building & Referrals

Of all the real estate CRMs we tested, Contactually offered the best features for building and maintaining relationships to get more referrals. It has great lead segmenting, automated outreach, follow up reminders, the ability to create custom programs for different leads and segments, and a unique letter grade system that ranks your outreach efforts with each lead. Best of all Contactually is not only easy to use, but somehow manages to make keeping in touch with your leads fun.

Best CRM for Relationship Building & Referrals

If you’re a realtor who already has a way that you like to search the MLS and send properties to clients, Contactually should be at the top of your list. Contactually is a true relationship manager and somehow manages to make the process of staying in touch with clients fun. Here’s how they pull it off.

Organize Your Leads with Buckets

When you first fire up Contactually, there are (friendly, easy to understand) prompts to help guide you in setting up the system and organizing your leads. Contactually’s lead organization system is called buckets. You create different buckets with different rules and put each lead in the appropriate bucket. From there you can create intricate rules for how and when you follow up with the leads in each bucket. Even better, you can create rules to change when a lead takes a specific action.

For example, you might create a bucket for Zillow leads, a bucket for current clients, and a bucket for former clients who are likely to give you a referral. You can set up rules (called programs) to determine the frequency and way you need to follow up with leads in each bucket. You may want to call current clients once a week, put Zillow leads on a drip campaign, and only reach out to former clients on holidays. Every day you log into Contactually, they remind you of who you should reach out to that day and how you should reach out to them.

Easy Automated Outreach with Programs

In Contactually, automated actions are called programs. You can set up programs to automatically send drip emails after a certain period of time, send reminders, tasks, or even follow someone on social media. Once saved, you can pick and choose which lead or bucket of leads gets put on which program and when. You can also easily change the program certain leads are on if you feel like you’re not getting the results you want.

Since Contactually can monitor your emails and even texts/phone calls on Android, you can create programs that automatically change when you reach out to a client.

Letter Grades for Outreach Efforts

Being reminded of who you need to reach out to every day is great, but Contactually takes it a step further. By assessing your outreach efforts, Contactually assigns you a letter grade to show just how well you’re doing with nurturing your relationships. They call this your RPA, or Relationship Point Average. Most people logging in every day and seeing a B- will want to work harder to bring their RPA up to an A. A small feature, but very helpful to keep you motivated and on task.

Best Real Estate CRM for Integrations

Founded in 1993, Top Producer has been the go-to CRM for the real estate industry for more than two decades now. They offer a lot of functionality for the price and if you don’t mind a dated interface and slightly steep learning curve, Top Producer is a great option.

MLS Integration

A good real estate CRM should help you organize, track, and follow up with leads. In order to get this done properly, you ideally want to keep track of what homes your leads are interested in, as well as any changes in the status of those homes. Imagine trying to follow up with a lead from 6 months ago. Wouldn’t you want to know the status of the property they contacted you about without switching over to your MLS? Or, if you’re reaching out to an active client, wouldn’t you want to search for and send properties right from your CRM?

This is why MLS integration is so important for a real estate CRM. Since Top Producer directly integrates with over 500 MLS databases throughout the country, the vast majority of agents will be able to add MLS data to their CRM with Top Producer. Best of all, since it has a direct integration, MLS data updates either every 15 minutes or as quickly as your local MLS updates.

Direct Integration with More Lead Sources

Since real estate CRMs are all about streamlining your workflow and eliminating mundane tasks, direct integration with lead sources is a huge help. Instead of manually adding lead information, a direct integration automatically pulls the lead data into your CRM. Typing information from lead sources into your CRM is pretty high on most realtors’ lists of annoying mundane tasks. Top Producer integrates with more lead sources than any other real estate CRM we know of.


The only problem we found with Top Producer is one users have been griping about online for a long time now: the interface. While the functionality is there, the interface looks and feels VERY dated. Though we found the layout to be fairly intuitive, many users complained that the learning curve was steeper than they would have liked. If you absolutely need a sleek, minimal, Apple style interface, Top Producer is not the CRM for you.

Some more options that you may want to consider when choosing a real estate CRM.

Real estate CRMBest For:Quick Description
ContactuallyRealtors who want a fun, easy-to-use relationship manager.Contactually offers complex contact organization, automated follow up, and a unique letter grade system to let you know how well you’re doing keeping up with your contacts.
Top ProducerRealtors who want a great value CRM that offers MLS integrationTop Producer offers automatic emails, follow up reminders, and has MLS integration.
REthink CRMSmall brokerages who want sophisticated MLS integration.REthink offers sophisticated MLS integration, contact management, automated emails, and basic transaction management features.
InsightlyRealtors who just need a simple, affordable CRM.Excellent and affordable ($12 per month) basic all purpose CRM
PropertyBaseBrokerages that want an advanced CRM with sophisticated MLS integration.Salesforce-based real estate CRM that is very similar to REthink. Great MLS integration with listing matching. Also includes direct mail and financial management tools.
RealSpaceAgent, teams, brokerages, and property managers that want an all in one real estate CRM.CRM, marketing, transactions, MLS, IDX feeds, real estate websites, property portal syndication, workflow automation and property management features.
ZohoRealtors on a budget who need a bit more features than Insightly.Zoho is another general use CRM that offers great features like lead follow up reminders and drip campaigns.
Zillow Premier AgentZillow Premier Agent members – Realtors on a budgetAlong with your Zillow Premier agent account, Zillow offers a totally FREE basic CRM.
Boomtown ROIRealtors looking for a turn key lead generation and CRM system.Boomtown includes a “predictive” CRM that offers email templates, drip campaigns, and MLS integration.
WiseAgentBulk text messagingWiseAgent offers drip campaigns, pre-written emails, bulk texting, automated responses, and team integrations.
Followup BossRealtors who want something simple and lightweightGreat CRM with action plans and social media lookup.
Ixact ContactRealtors who want a lot of real estate specific features on a budgetMobile friendly CRM that includes a free website.
HubspotRealtors who need a free CRMFree basic CRM that works great for agents
RealtyJugglerRealtors on a budgetBare bones real estate CRM w/ drip emails, expense tracking and more for only $99 per year.

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