How to Attract the Modern Renter Using Amenities and Perks
By Lecia Anderson @ Multi-Housing News
September 13, 2017
Lecia Anderson of JVM Realty Corp. highlights the popular features that cater most to today's residents.

EXCERPT: Common-area features play a growing role in how prospective residents choose what apartments to live in. Lecia Anderson of JVM Realty Corp. highlights the popular features that cater most to today’s residents.

Having best-in-class apartment homes is only half the battle in attracting and retaining renters. To get prospects to sign new leases and current residents to renew theirs, operators must have common-area amenities that align with renters’ interests and preferred lifestyles.

Today’s residents are dedicated to their pets, wellness, technology and the environment, so apartment operators would be well advised to make sure their communities accommodate these needs. Below is a summary of some of the common-area amenities that do exactly that.

Pet parks – Residents today consider their dogs and cats more than just pets. They truly think of them as part of the family, and providing their four-legged friends with a top-notch quality of life is extremely high on their priority list. Therefore, apartment operators have to do more than just simply allow animals to live in their communities. They have to provide an enriching environment for pets.

We have found multiple benefits to these parks. First off, they are certainly attractive to dog-owning prospects, and they also allow our canine residents to get their much-needed daily dose of exercise. They also give our pet-owning residents the chance to meet each other and develop friendships, which in turn will strengthen the bond they feel with our properties and encourage renewals

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On-demand fitness classes – Health and wellness have long been priorities for residents, and 24-hour fitness centers are now fairly standard common-area amenities. But progressive operators have recently improved these centers through the offering of on-demand fitness solutions.

This technology can allow residents to take virtually any kind of fitness class – Pilates, resistance training, yoga, spinning – at any time of day. Besides providing maximum convenience for residents, they also spare communities the expense of bringing fitness instructors onsite.

Package delivery systems – Online shopping has exploded in recent years, meaning more packages are being delivered to apartment communities than ever before. Furthermore, in today’s “now, now, now” world, residents want to pick up their packages the day they are delivered. That can be hard to do when, as is so often the case, the leasing office’s weekday hours conflict with many residents’ work schedules.

As a result, forward-thinking communities are installing rooms or locker systems that give residents 24-hour access to their package deliveries. Expect demand for this amenity to only grow in the future.

Attractive ares for socializing – Apartment residents today–particularly Millennials and members of Generation Z–are intensely social creatures. They need spaces to relax and interact with friends, family members and their neighbors.

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