Amazon Launches "Experience Centers" with Nation’s Largest Homebuilder
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
May 22, 2018

Amazon seems to have its eyes set on expanding into the real estate market. The company’s latest announcement to partner with Lennar, the nation’s largest homebuilder, is one of several signs that e-commerce goliath has an interest in housing. Earlier this year, Amazon was exploring mortgage lending and put out feelers to hire the head of a future mortgage division.

Amazon and Lennar are working together to build model homes completely decked out with smart technology. These showrooms are called “Amazon Experience Centers,” and are meant to showcase the full capacity of Alexa-enabled smart homes. Customers will be able to control the television, lights, thermostats, shades, and other electronics by simply asking Alexa.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon is partnering with Lennar to launch “Amazon Experience Centers”
  • “Experience Centers” are model homes decked out with Amazon gadgets from top to bottom
  • Customers will be able to control every smart device with their voice, from turning on the AC to turning off the TV


Amazon announced Wednesday that it is partnering with Lennar, the nation’s largest homebuilder, to launch what it calls “Amazon Experience Centers.”

The “Experience Centers” are basically showrooms for all of Amazon’s smart home products. But instead of Amazon opening up its own brick-and-mortar showrooms, it’s partnering with Lennar to trick out model homes with Amazon gadgets.

This is how Amazon explains it:

In these Alexa-enabled smart homes, customers can simply ask Alexa to control the television, lights, thermostat, shades, and more. The model homes showcase how customers can use Alexa in their everyday lives. Customers can experience just how easy it can be to reorder household essentials with a press of an Amazon Dash Button, listen or watch Prime content with Fire TV or schedule on-demand home services through Amazon Home Services.

Nish Lathia, the general manager of Amazon Services, explains that the partnership with Lennar enables more people to see how an Amazon-enabled smart home can function, without having to open up standalone facilities.

“We wanted customers to experience a real home environment that showcases the convenience of the Alexa smart home experience, great entertainment available with Prime, and Home Services,” Lathia said.

According to the companies, consumers will be able to test out:

  • Controlling their smart home devices with just their voice:  Customers can experience the simplicity of adjusting the thermostat, seeing who’s at the front door without leaving the couch, and trying routines such as “Alexa, good morning” to have Alexa turn on lights, read the weather, and provide an update on commute times based on traffic.
  • Saving time by putting their home on auto-pilot: Customers can discover how to schedule auto-deliveries of household essentials, reorder products with the press of a button, and book recurring or on-demand home services through Amazon.

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