Agents, Have You Googled Yourself Lately? Here are the Benefits
By Staff Writer @ Real Estate Tomato
April 4, 2018


An online presence is essential for real estate agents who want to grow. Most agents do not have the funding or expertise to compete with Google searches like “real estate” or “realtor,” but they can rise to the top of the results in their areas of expertise or local geographic regions.

Google SEO is essential but feels daunting at first glance. Googling yourself is a great way to gauge your online presence and pinpoint any areas for improvement. For starters, claim and verify yourself as a legitimate business with Google, so you will appear on Google maps when consumers are searching for a real estate agent in your area.

Key Takeaways

  • Fill out the Google Business form to become officially recognized as a business on Maps
  • Claim a home address or personal office if your brokerage has its office address claimed on Google
  • Add crisp photos, share content, and start building reviews to bolster your online presence and reputation

Before you Google yourself, lets look at how you might come up in the search results BECAUSE you are a REALTOR®

Go to Google and search REALTORS® near me (around me, local, whatever… you get the idea)
Based on your computer’s IP address, Google will showcase results near you.
The search results include a map – with markers of agents and offices around town.

Are you on that map?
What about the More Places results (at the bottom of the list)?
Is your office on the list? (They should be!)

Wouldn’t it be great to show up competitively here?

HERE’S HOW: Claim and verify your business here:

>> Some seriously important tips:

  • Your brokerage can supersede your efforts at claiming the address of the office.
    There can be only one business at that location. So it might be best to use a home office location or a specific suite number if possible.

Once verified:

  • Add photos, including your headshot, logo, and images that you use in your other branding.
  • Get reviews! Make sure some favorite clients visit the page and leave some 5 star reviews. Google will also pick up reviews from Facebook and Yelp.
  • Share some content (blog post, quick insight, or the like) post it – get something fresh up there.
  • The background/cover image for your business profile is currently set to be 1086px by 611px.
    You might need a designer to help you with this, or head over to and work out something slick.

Another quick tip! Place your business directly onto Google Maps.
Zoom into your physical location, and right click on the area where you want to be located. There is an option to “Add a Missing Place”
If your business profile is verified (see above), and the address matches the location you are pinning, you can just fill out the quick form and bam! your business appears on Google Maps.

That will be enough to get you on the google results maps, unless all your competition just read this post as well.

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