7 Analytics Bots That Will Give You a Major Business Advantage
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
September 18, 2017
Drawing insightful conclusions from large amounts of data can be overwhelming. Check out these 7 analytics bots that will do the job for you.

Drawing insightful conclusions from large amounts of data can be overwhelming and difficult. Tools like analytics bots can be especially helpful for agents who don’t always have the time to scout their competition on Facebook or put together weekly marketing reports.

Check out which analytics bots The Real Daily writer, Lindsay Huber, thinks you should be using in your business. Here’s a list where you can find all of the analytics bots. Below, we excerpted what she has to say about each bot and its use.

SNOOP – Creep on your competitors from the comfort of Slack. Snoop automatically monitors your business competitors’ iOS and Android apps, websites and news organizations, and alerts you when they make an update.

ONDMARC – Block phishing attacks and secure your domain with OnDMARC. This cute lil’ green bot helps you fix email configuration issues, provides daily compliance reports on the status and actions for each of your domains, and visualizes DMARC (Domain Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance) reports.

CHATBOT INSIGHTS – Chatfuel’s Chatbot Insights incorporates data mined from tens of thousands of active bots to determine optimal broadcasting frequency. It also provides information about how to snag return users without broadcasting. Send this bespectacled business bot a message on Facebook Messenger for more info.

GOTCHA GROWTH BOT – Also available on Facebook Messenger, Growth Bot helps you determine the right questions to ask users and suggests automated triggers to increase growth. Startups, websites, blogs, brand and growth hackers, and e-commerce can all benefit from Growth Bot.

HUNCH INSIGHTS – Hunch bot on Slack is an analytic assistant that monitors your marketing metrics, from automating weekly and monthly reporting, to answering AARRR (acquisition, activation, retention, referral, revenue) questions. Whenever any metrics need your attention, Hunch sends an alert.

SALESMACHINE – Get alerted via Slack whenever a customer needs attention with Salesmachine. Realtime updates score your customers health throughout the customer journey, analyzing usage frequency, properties, and events of your choice.

CHRONICLE – Be the chat monitoring overlord you’ve always dreamed of becoming with Chronicle. Slack administrators can monitor what’s happening in their Slack teams, including users, files, guests, channels, and even emojis. Clean up the feed by automatically finding and archiving unused channels.

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