66 Blogging Experts Share Their Favorite Blogging Tools
By Praveen Verma @ Amplify Blog
August 22, 2017
To help you understand what tools works best for you – we asked 66 blogging experts to share their favorite blogging tools.

EXCERPT: Every professional has some tools in their pouch that helps them excel at what they do. For bloggers, these tools can be anything from finding keywords to analyzing traffic data, helping them manage their social media accounts or simplify their every day blogging activities. To help you understand what tools works best for you – we asked 66 blogging experts to share their favorite blogging tools.

Based on the blogger’s recommendations, here’s the Top Blogging Tools: Roundup 66 Experts on Blogging Tools

Top Blogging ToolsNumber of Recommendations
Yoast SEO15
Grammarly Premium11
Google Keyword Planner9
Google analytics9
CoSchedule Headline Analyzer5
Google Trends5
Thrive Content Builder3
Viral Content Bee3
Google Docs3
Google Webmaster Tool2
editorial calendar2
SeoPressor Plug-In1
Wealthy Affiliate1
Genesis Framework1
Email Hunter Pro1
Thrive Leads1
Portent’s headline generator1
Google translate1
Moz Pro1
Content Samurai1
My Podcast1
CommentLuv Pro or Free1
Post Planner1
Plagiarism Checker1
Text Fixer1
MS Word1
Hemingway App1
Camtasia Studio1
HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator1
seo quake1


Let’s dive in the Roundup now!

Ted Rubin | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Ted Rubin Ted Rubin

@TedRubin http://amplifyblog.com/ A Brand is what you do… a Reputation is what people Remember and Share – Tweet this

– Relationships are like muscle tissue… more they’re engaged, the stronger & more valuable they become

– It’s time to re-build our 1-on-1 communication skills/muscles we’ve forgotten in our rush to new tech

In today’s digital world it’s all too easy for us as brands and individuals to let our relationship-building muscles atrophy. We get caught up in a multitasking whirlwind of emails, social updates, text messages, and blog posts/content creation, where it’s easy to let a connection or a conversation fall through the cracks. We’re super-connected, yet somehow disconnected at the same time. This puts us at risk of losing the very relationships that help us prosper as companies and people.

It is time to re-build our one-on-one communication skills and muscles that we’ve forgotten in our rush to new technologies. These skills scale via social because most participate vicariously via the few who interact publicly.

You want to know my favorite blogging tools and how they have helped me in my blogging activities, here you go… build a reputation for genuinely caring, add value with your content and connection, and the growth will come. A Brand is what you do… a Reputation is what people Remember and Share.

Caz and Craig| Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Caz and CraigCaz and Craig

@yTravelBlog http://amplifyblog.com/ Ontraport helps me put my business on automation, grow my community, and enhances the way I serve – Tweet this

Ontraport is my favourite blogging tool. It is more than a content management system. It allows me to create landing pages and optin forms; I can create complex email sequences and campaigns, with tagging and filtering systems that automate my marketing; it helps me integrate membership sites for my products, and gives me in-depth reporting. My business can’t exist without it and I can give my subscribers, who are interested in different things, the right messages.


Ian Spencer | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Ian SpencerIan Spencer

@ISDigitalMar http://amplifyblog.com/ My favorite tool is MeetEdgar. It manages your social media and helps to push your blogging via automation – Tweet this

I started using MeetEdgar a few months ago to try and make the blogs for my company and my clients more visible and increase the success from the blogs. The system is by far the best tool I have used, it is clever enough to understand what you want to do and achieve, automatically takes your new blogs and produces a schedule that you can play with over time based on statistics. It should, if you use it correctly increase your followers and interaction and engagement, and this, for just a small fee a month, is worth every single penny. I cannot recommend this enough.


Roxana Nasoi | Blog | Facbook | Twitter | Linkedin

Roxana NasoiRoxana Nasoi

@roxanasoi http://amplifyblog.com/ @trello came into my online business life in 2013 and hasn’t left since. #blogging #collaboration #tools – Tweet this

For me, the most important variable in the blogging process that has a direct impact on results is a project management tool. For my business ventures, Trello has been the best option to interact with m collaborators, clients, other bloggers or to simply manage my personal blogging projects. I like to organize my boards and shortlist them for quick access. From social media tips to business books to read, to-do lists, reports, time tracking, a space to access older articles or create the means to repurpose content, and practically anything related to the success of a project. To the point that I even offer a 15-minutes complementary training to my clients if they are not familiar with the tool, and recommend it to my freelancing community during conferences and workshops.
There’s too much noise on the Internet, nowadays, and too many things to keep in check. Blogging isn’t just “writing and publishing a post on your blog”, and then “waiting for things to happen”. Just like a library needs solid bookshelves to do justice for both knowledge (books) and readers, so does your blogging process. And Trello is like a solid bookshelf for my business, which I can definitely rely on.


Minuca Elena | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google+

Minuca ElenaMinuca Elena @MinucaElena http://amplifyblog.com/ My favorite blogging tools are: WordPress, ShortPixel and Yoast SEO – Tweet this

1. WordPress. As a freelance writer, my work includes editing posts on clients’ sites. I had projects for which I had to work on platforms like Shopify and Weebly and my favorite is still WordPress. It’s the best and most utilized platform. So, if you are planning to create a new site just choose WordPress.

2. ShortPixel. It’s a plugin that I recently discovered. It helps you compress all your photos. It helped me improve the loading speed of my site by a lot.

3. Yoast SEO. I used Yoast all the time to do the on-page SEO for my posts. I tried All in One SEO too, but I prefer Yoast.


15) Manidipa Bhaumik | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google+

Manidipa BhumikManidipa Bhumik

@wpblogging360 http://amplifyblog.com/ “Arm yourself with the right set of tools and you’ll love what you do.” Tweet this

In today’s world, it is more about working smart than working hard. The right set of blogging tools can make our life easy and increase our productivity to a great extent.

Blogging is a profession that I made out of choice. So it is very much important, that I enjoy what I do and off course, how. Being armed with the handy tools plays a huge difference in the way, how tasks are accomplished.

The tools I use day in and day out are:

Keyword Planner
A blogger’s best friend indeed. We all know the importanceof keyword research in blogging or for that matter the whole web world. Being a free and handy tool, Google Keyword Planner is one of the most used ones by many bloggers. It gives you an overall idea about the specific search term and helps you to decide whether to go with that keyword or not.

SEO by Yoast
Whether you are an SEO person or not, basic onpage SEO is very much recommended, if you want some traffic from the search engines. The Yoast SEO plugin helps you to take some necessary measures of onpage optimization. I may not follow all the metrics of Yoast, but Title, Meta and Permalink are the ones, I never miss out.

Google Analytics and Search Console
For me, they are like one set, as these two are the absolute mandates for any webmaster.
We must have a clear idea on how our blogs are performing. And Google analytics is the one, where you should go. It gives you a comprehensive idea about your traffic like volume, sources, demographics and others.

Search Console on the other hand helps you to maintain the health of your blog. We can find out the search queries that the blog is getting most traffic from and optimize around them for better results. It shows us the crawl errors that need to be fixed. This is also the place where Google sends us the warnings/ notifications, if any.

Sumo (formerly SumoMe) is a handy blogging tool that allows you to capture email leads with their pop up and welcome mat options. You can also add social sharing buttons to encourage more social shares of the blog posts. There are other advanced features in the paid version, however, the free version is more than enough for many.

Canva is my all-time favorite tool for creating images for my blog and social media channels. It makes image creation super easy for the non-designers like me. And the best part is – you can do so much with the free version. Canva is the complete answer for all my visual needs.

Other than these, I also use few other tools like Blog Title Generator, Keywordtool.io, LSIGraph, MailChimp, Pixabay etc. on a regular basis.

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