6 Simple but Effective Ideas to Supercharge Your Commercial Real Estate Pipeline in 2018
By William Church @ Real Estate Daily
December 26, 2017

As we transition into the new year, every commercial real estate professional should be taking this chance to refresh their CRE pipeline. Instead of getting sucked into the same old habits, here are some ways to reenergize your lead generation strategy for 2018.

Key Takeaways

  • Reach out to potential leads personally
  • Network by hosting a broker open or finding other unique opportunities
  • Utilize professional social media sites like LinkedIn
  • Consider foreign investors as potential new clients


Make personal contact with leads – The first step is to clear out any dead leads in your CRM database. Once you have an up-to-date list of potential leads, start reaching out to each prospect personally with a phone call.

Family and friend can also be a great source of leads. Somebody may be thinking about starting a business or could know someone else who is. Contacting old clients that you have maintained a good relationship with can also be a good place to start.

Host a Broker Open – Creating relationships with local brokers is a great source of new leads. Pick a special listing that you think will attract interest and network with local brokers for a lot of potential referrals

Throw a holiday party – The right mix of business and pleasure is a catalyst for creating good relationships. It’s the holiday season, so take advantage of the parties and have fun while networking with past clients, potential leads, family, and friends.

Professional social media sites – Marketing or networking on professional social media sites like LinkedIn or NextDoor produces higher quality leads. Most other users are also professionals, so remain active in the community and showcase your expertise to refresh your pipeline with new leads.

Get out and canvas – It’s easy to get stuck in the online world when fishing for leads. Sometimes we forget that local new businesses are popping up all the time. Drive or walk around town and try scouting out some potential businesses that could benefit from relocation or a different building layout.

Consider foreign investors – Remember that foreign investors are becoming a huge part of the U.S. real estate market. Over the next year, Chinese investors will invest about $200 billion in real estate in cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Seattle, according to CNBC. Try thinking outside the box and targeting some potential foreign leads.