50 Real Estate Industry Experts Every Landlord Should Follow On Twitter
By Andrea Collatz @ My Smart Move
May 16, 2017
These industry experts share content on marketing, housing, and resources that property investors and those in the rental industry need to know.

EXCERPT: How do you stay on top of news about the rental market? If your answer doesn’t involve Twitter, it’s time to start making use of this popular social platform. Real estate moguls and every day landlords alike have taken to Twitter to provide cutting edge news and helpful insight about the rental market. We’ve scoured the platform to find some of the most beneficial accounts for you to follow and learn about the rental industry. Check them out below:

These feeds feature news and tips from the perspective of landlords and tenants, providing informative points of view for anyone in the rental business.

Cynthia Schmidt – @MrsLandLady
Followers: 6.8k
Cynthia Schmidt says she has been a landlord for more than 20 years, with an emphasis on collecting her tenant’s back rent. Landlords who follow her might like her posts about real estate market trends and landlord-tenant laws. She also shares tips to help Landlords collect all of the rent that is owed to them.

Brandon Turner-@BrandonAtBP
Followers: 15.7k
Brandon Turner is an active real estate investor and co-host of the BiggerPockets real estate investing podcast, one of the most listened to podcasts about the industry. He also runs a personal blog entitled Real Estate in Your Twenties. Landlords might want to follow Brandon for his useful tools and advice for investors of all ages.

Hands on Reinvesting-@handsonreinvest
Followers: 760
Landlords who follow this account can expect relevant news on real estate market trends and tips for a mutually beneficial landlord-tenant relationship. More information about real estate investing can be found on their website.

Followers: 1.5k
Rentalutions aims to make life easier for landlords by offering online rental applications, lease agreements, and electronic rent collection. On Twitter, they cover topics ranging from which home improvement projects make your property most desirable to which real estate markets are the hottest.


These industry experts share content on marketing, housing, and resources that property investors and those in the rental industry need to know.

Rentometer -@rentometer
Followers: 2.7k
Rentometer uses proprietary technology and data to provide a thorough rent comparison analysis in seconds for any address in the U.S. Landlords might enjoy Rentometer’s tweets about rental industry news, property investment, and rent prices.

Andrea Brambila-@InmanAndrea
Followers: 2.3k
As the deputy editor at Inman, a popular Real Estate news site, Andrea is a news aficionado. Landlords might appreciate her Twitter feed for how it applies news stories to the real estate world.

Nobu Hata-@nobuhata
Followers: 10.2k
Nobu is the Director of Member Engagement at the National Association of Realtors. Landlords who join his ten thousand-strong following can expect curated real estate content from all over the web.

Ilyce Glink-@Glink
Followers: 16.6k
Ilyce, the voice behind Think Glink, is a real estate and financial expert. Landlords who follow her might like her advice on financial wellness as it relates to real estate investing.

Chris Clothier-@chrisdclothier
Followers: 41.4k
Chris is a real estate investor based in Memphis. Landlords who follow him might find his financial advice about smart investing especially helpful. He also shares a large amount of inspirational tweets to keep hard-working landlords motivated. He shares more informative insight on the Memphis Invest Blog.

Bruce Peterson – @wiredrealestate
Followers: 8.5K
The News and Information Hub – Founded by Industry veteran Bruce Peterson

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