5 Types of Home Sellers Every Real Estate Agent Should Avoid
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
March 5, 2018

Every smart real estate agent knows to pick and choose their clients. For some agents that means only working with a select few clients, but for most it means avoiding extremely uncooperative prospects with unrealistic expectations.

Key Takeaways

  • Avoiding the worst home sellers is a matter of saving time and working efficiently
  • Try to stay away from clients that are ultimately uncooperative and resolutely clash with your personality
  • Be wary of clients that are unmovable in their tendencies to far overestimate price


Building a successful real estate business is not always about accommodating every type of client. In fact, avoiding the most obstinate clients saves a lot of time, and consequently money. Here are the five types of home sellers to avoid:

Unresolvable personality clashes – It is important to form a close professional relationship with sellers, so make sure your personalities are somewhat compatible. It is not a requirement to become best friends with every client, but you should make an effort to avoid the sellers that have unresolvable clashes with your personality.

Uncooperative – Cooperation is the key to effective marketing and a successful selling process. Avoid sellers who are unwilling to take professional advice, regardless of circumstance, or are uncooperative at every turn.

Unreasonable expectations – When a real estate agent first forms a relationship with their client, they usually ask some probing questions to get a feel for the client’s expectations. It is usually clear to veteran agents when a client’s expectations are way out of line. When a client has unrealistic expectations, the agent needs to immediately address them and gauge how easy it would be to convince them otherwise.

Won’t Listen – The ultimate warning sign is when a client simply will not listen to anything you have to say, whether it is professional advice or undeniably factual information. Avoid these clients at all costs.

Excessive Pricing – Most sellers tend to show their bias when it comes to pricing. It is natural for sellers to desire more money from their home than what it is worth. That mindset is ingrained in the American attitude. Some clients, however, will insist on extremely excessive pricing and refuse to budge an inch.