5 Simple Lead Generation Marketing Strategies for Facebook and Google
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
November 2, 2018

Professionals throughout the real estate industry are constantly touting the importance of digital marketing. Still, most real estate agents only scratch the surface of specific marketing strategies and tactics, especially on Facebook and Google.

Digital real estate marketing goes far beyond simple Facebook ads or Google AdWords campaigns. A complete marketing strategy should reach consumers are different parts of the sales funnel, utilize hyper-focused audience targeting, and include various types of ads.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider separate marketing tactics for consumers at the top (awareness) and bottom (conversion) of the sales funnel
  • Reach a more refined audience with behavioral and lookalike targeting
  • Facebook live, video content, and carousel ads are the best performers for real estate professionals
Source: BoomTown


Google and Facebook are easily the most impactful tools for digital advertising. BoomTown teamed up with our Google and Facebook Partners at BoomTown UNITE 2018, to share their insight on digital strategies thatactually work .

Meet your panelists:
Tyler Johansson – Google Partner
Raya Khayat – Facebook Partner
Dotty Bell – BoomTown Digital Marketing Team Manager

Full-Funnel Strategy

Always have the “full-funnel” on the back of your mind when you run an ad campaign. Building brand awareness and getting exposure (top of the funnel), will align with Facebook Live and videos, whereas converting a lead (bottom of the funnel) will align with maybe a carousel ad, or a lead ad.

Behavioral and Advanced/Lookalike Targeting

Raya: “The lookalike audience is basically, you send in a list of your current leads, and the Facebook algorithm will find leads that “look” like them, with the current behaviors and behavioral traits that they have. You can definitely control that reach and frequency within our tools, to make sure that you’re not overwhelming them. The frequency that I recommend is 1-3 times.”

Keep the content fresh. Once you see that the ad has landed with your target audience, swap it out with a new video, or switch it up to a carousel ad or go live. You don’t want to hit you audience with the same ad over and over and over.

Partner with Your CRM to Maximize Your Advertising Spend

Tyler: “When you’re just getting started out it’s not a bad idea to try to self-manage, get educated, and have a useful conversation with a partner such as BoomTown. But then you get to a certain size where the cost of those mistakes, or just the cost of your time, where your time is better spent bringing in the revenue and making the sale. It’s probably better at that point to look for outside help and leverage BoomTown and their partnerships to say… “help me invest my dollars.” Really that’s where the difference lays, when digital marketers take that leap, and they start to see digital marketing as a driver of revenue, rather than a cost source.”

Furthermore, if you work with a CRM partner like BoomTown that has a digital marketing team, consult with them on the cost-per-lead (CPL) you’re looking for.

Facebook Pixeling (What is it?)

“Facebook Pixel, in short, is a piece of code that you place on the back end of your website. It tracks your funnel – going from the ad on Facebook or Instagram, when they convert on your website, and the steps that they take once they’re on your website. You can track people that actually view your properties, add to carts and products, or just search for different types of things.

Best Performing Ads for Real Estate

For real estate professionals, Facebook Live, video, and carousel ads are the best performers.

  • Facebook Live: This is one of the best strategies for top-funnel marketing, which means getting brand recognition and getting face time with your leads. It personalizes you and helps leads feel connected to you as a trustworthy agent. Additionally, Facebook live has 10x more engagement than regular videos.
  • Video: While Facebook live videos should be at the top of your list, don’t ditch regular recorded videos on Facebook! “Video is still one of the best things to use, because it’s super engaging, and your making sure that you’re really capturing peoples’ attention.”
  • Carousel Ads: Carousel ads are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. This is for the bottom of your funnel, when leads are ready to convert. They are scrollable, engaging, and paired with good copy and photos, they can be invaluable.

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