5 Mobile Marketing Tips for New Real Estate Agents
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
February 15, 2018

Smartphones have breached almost every aspect of our personal and business lives. Consumers have grown to rely on their smartphones for everything, and that often means staying online and connected everywhere. Here are a few tips for real estate agents to seize mobile marketing opportunities and reach new clients:

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on mobile marketing and promotion to reach younger families and professionals
  • Optimize your websites need so they look good on a browser, tablet, or smartphone
  • Consider an app-based approach to real estate and offer clients a variety of unique benefits


The digital world is a mobile one – Key to the success of any real estate agent is appearing in the right places for their market. With younger families and professionals climbing the property ladder. Being visible to them via social media, online advertising and mobile app is a critical part of the marketing and sales process.

Websites need to look good on phones – At the minimum, ensuring your estate agent property website is designed in a responsive manner. That means it will look at its best on any size of device, be it phone, tablet or PC. Even better, get your website team or developer to produce an adaptive or fluid design that produces better-looking results.

Whatever choice you make, the mobile version needs to look good and function properly on a smaller screen. The focus on images over text and accessibility of features are key traits of a good site, when the user has a typical smartphone screen.

Benefits of an app-based approach to real estate – With the rise of app-based research and buying, customers like to be able to see homes, flats and apartments first via an app. Apps help them find properties faster via alerts, it can show them the detailed and wider location on maps.

Via an app, customers can make, adapt and store their searches to find their ideal range, either for buying or rental is essential. Advanced features like being within a school catchment area or particular district, bus or tube line are also considerations for many.

A mobile app focus is essential – Using an app also integrate the communications process, allowing people to set up appointments to view, or to arrange callbacks at their convenience. They can also be used to provide information that helps explain the buying process, field frequently asked questions and provide updated information as a sale goes through. Being on the customer’s phone makes it easier for you to stay in touch.

Mobile advertising brings benefits – Estate agents can also use mobile advertising, ideal in situations when large numbers of people are on the move, including students, for company relocations or new businesses starting up. Tying campaigns to keywords like the local university name, any relocating business or other activity will help get the app or agents seen. By being top of a mobile Google or other search, your agents can ensure their app is the first thing they use to help with their move.

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