5 Meeting Ideas for Team Leaders to Engage their Real Estate Agents
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
February 20, 2018

When a business meeting runs smoothly, it is beneficial for everyone involved. The employees form stronger bonds through healthy communication, and the business gains valuable ideas to help push profitability even higher. Here are five meeting topics for broker owners or team leaders to engage their agents, increase productivity, and build team culture:

Key Takeaways

  • Role-playing activities seem cheesy but are useful when done well
  • Hold some meetings offsite to help spice up the environment and break dull routine
  • Make short-term meeting goals to keep your agents committed and accountable
  • Create a game plan to tackle the team’s biggest opportunities and obstacles


Role Play a Business Activity – Have your team members practice various activities they encounter in their day-to-day as a real estate agent. Act out an open house scenario, brainstorm ways to break the ice, demonstrate strategies for building rapport, ask engaging and qualifying questions to one another, and practice asking for the business. Don’t forget to share your answers to questions like “How is the market?”, “How is your business right now?”, and “Is it a good time to buy or sell?”.

Offsite Meeting – Host your meeting at an interesting venue, such as a factory, bakery, technology company, brewery, a commercial printer, new home construction site, and more. Not only will it spice up your meeting and excite your team members, but it offers a great opportunity for them to raise awareness of their products or services to the patrons and/or employees.

Short-Term Goals Meeting – Have each person on your team identify an important task that they’ve been meaning to get done and have them commit to completing it before the next sales meeting. Write down each goal and email them to the meeting attendees. Then at the following meeting, review which members completed their tasks. This creates group accountability.

Listing Presentation Strategies – Bring up different topics and scenarios during the meeting, such as rapport building, expectation setting, touring the home, giving feedback about the home, presentation styles, closing strategies, follow-up strategies, strategies for beating the competition, overcoming competition who offers discount services, overcoming competition who offers luxury services, and so on. Walk through the process for each and have your agents weigh in on what has worked for them. Be sure to limit sidebars and other conversations that wander outside the scope of useful dialogue.

Opportunities and Obstacles Meeting – Have your team identify their three biggest opportunities and outline a step-by-step strategy for capitalizing on them. Then ask them to identify their three biggest challenges and create a game plan for removing them from their business or life. Put everything in writing and ask them to email it to you so you can revisit the information with them later.

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