5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Farming for Seller Leads
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
October 26, 2018

Real estate agents have been farming leads for centuries. A decade ago, that meant canvasing neighborhoods and leaving physical marketing materials. Today, that process has been refined for our digital world.

Still, many real estate agents fall victim to simple mistakes when farming leads. Don’t overlook traditional print marketing, even in this digital world. Also, try not to overgeneralize your audience. Having a target that is too broad will hold you back!

Key Takeaways

  • Stay away from going digital-only or print-only
  • Refine your target audience for better conversion rates
  • Include a visible call-to-action that prompt sellers with more information
Source: Zurple


1. Going Digital-Only

With the world of social media marketing taking over, it is easy for agents to overlook traditional marketing. Yard signs, flyers, business cards, etc can still be effective when done correctly.

2. Going Print-Only

On the other side of the spectrum you don’t want to forego an online presence. With physical materials, they will likely only look at it once before tossing it…with digital media, you can be in front of their faces on a more consistent basis.

3. Having Too Broad of a Target Area

With digital or traditional targeting, you shouldn’t overgeneralize your audience. If you are fishing with a net made out of a finite amount of cord, trying to create a large net over a huge area will also create little holes that smaller fish can swim through. You want to be more precise with your intention when targeting.

4. Not Having a Plan

Back to the fishing analogy…are you trying to catch a fish to feed your family? Or are you okay with catching anything, even if it is the type of fish you have to throw back into the ocean? Always have a purpose or strategy when you start farming!

5. Forgetting to Include a Call to Action

A call to action is a command telling your audience what to do. “Click Here”. Or “Call Me Now”. Without a call to action, your farming will yield no results.

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