3 Strategies to Be Competitive on a Budget with Google AdWords
By Maggie Wilson @ Real Estate Daily
October 12, 2017
Big spenders like Zillow and RE/Max will always dominate the front page, but that doesn’t make AdWords a lost cause. If smaller players use AdWords...

Every thriving real estate professional and business uses Google AdWords as a part of their overall marketing strategy. Big spenders like Zillow and RE/Max will always dominate the front page, but that doesn’t make AdWords a lost cause. In fact, if smaller companies and professionals use AdWords efficiently, they can start building their presence and begin competing with some of the bigger spenders.

Of course, spending exorbitant amounts of money like Zillow is out of the option. There are, however, some key strategies to get the most out of AdWords on a reasonable budget. That’s exactly what Ben Shepardson at RealtyBizNews covered in his article about key Google AdWords strategies. Below, we’ve excerpted his writing for your convenience.

Here are some essential Google AdWords strategies:

Don’t Copy Your Competitors – If you’re using Google AdWords just to keep up with the Joneses, you’ll always be a step behind. Just because they’re investing in Google AdWords doesn’t mean they have any better idea what they’re doing than you do. If they’re shooting in the dark on keywords and copy, mimicking their efforts will ensure you’ll also miss the target.


In addition, if you up your bid to overtake your competitors on keywords, you might not always see enough business to justify it. Rather, you stand to wring out your budget faster than your prospects convert. Being in the top slot doesn’t guarantee you more conversions, so don’t obsess over it too much.

Rely on the Right Data Tools – Hunches and hopes just don’t deliver the same results as cold, hard data. There are a number of online data tools to help guide your AdWords journey.

Auction Insights will let you view who else is bidding on your selected keywords and other competitor information that will help you tailor your bids.

Google’s Keyword Planner can help you discover keywords and phrases you haven’t thought of using, but your competitors might be.

Keyword Difficulty by Moz. is a tool that lets you gauge how challenging it will be for you to rank for certain keywords.

Invest in Competitive Campaigns – With Google AdWords, you can create competitive campaigns to put your product in front of other brands’ loyal customers. For example, credit card company American Express might bid on the word Discover to hopefully get a Discover card user to apply for an Amex card.

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