3 Myths About Lead Generation in Real Estate and How to Benefit From Them
By Staff Writer @ Web4Realty
April 17, 2018

Lead generation has become somewhat of a buzzword in the real estate industry. Savvy salespeople have been selling simple marketing tactics under the guise of lead generation for years, and many agents still fall for the promise of a miracle tool.

Simply put, generating real estate leads is the result of a well-executed, diverse marketing strategy. The most successful real estate agents and teams are juggling various marketing avenues like social media, SEO, PPC advertising, and niche real estate websites.

Key Takeaways

  • Lead generation is not a feature or tool, but a comprehensive and diverse marketing strategy
  • Be extremely wary of products or services that guarantee leads
  • Many companies sell poor-quality leads from unbranded landing pages
Source: Web4Realty


Below we’ve outlined the 3 most common myths regarding real estate lead generation. In understanding these core truths, you will definitely save yourself from wasting your money, your time, and inevitable disappointment!

Myth #1: Lead Generation is a ‘Feature’

One of the most common misconceptions about generating real estate leads is the idea that lead generation is a feature or tool that you purchase. This is not only misleading, but many companies actually take advantage of real estate professionals by using terms like lead generating website to convince them that their product contains some special lead generating abilities. The truth is – wait for it – any page with a contact form is a lead generating page!

When it comes to a real estate website performing better than others (i.e. generating more leads), the research is very clear. The fact is that generating real estate leads is more dependent on your overall marketing strategy.

Myth #2: Guaranteed Lead Generation

Another common myth regarding real estate lead generation is the idea that there are products or services that can guarantee leads! It is astonishing that real estate professionals find themselves investing in companies who claim to have developed products that guarantee lead generation. Without going into all the obvious holes in that promise, let’s stick with the simple mantra… ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is’.

Myth #3: All Leads Are Created Equal

As much as generating leads is important, an often under-looked aspect of lead generation is the quality and type of leads you are generating. There are poor quality leads and high quality leads. Many companies sell leads outright or offer unbranded landing pages aimed to generate leads, and as much as these services may generate leads – the research paints a different picture.

In most cases, these leads are provided or generated using methods that have no association with you as an agent at all. These are lead generating websites or landing pages that do not show your information, photo, or branding. When the lead is generated and you reach out to them, the lead is often confused and upset as they have no idea who you are or how you obtained their information.

Real Estate Lead Generation is Not Complicated

If you’re a real estate professional who truly wants to take their business forward, you should start with some marketing research. What you’ll find is that top performing real estate agents use a combination of real estate websiteslanding pagesAdWords,social media and print marketing. Next, set a budget and identify a target demographic. Lastly, with your research and creative juices, set up your first marketing campaign!

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