3 Inspiring Lessons to Lead Your Agent Team to Success in 2018
By Sarah Chatel @ LabCoatAgents
January 19, 2018

As I  began to grow my team two years ago, I decided that I wanted to be on a team where people felt validated, heard and supported not only by the team’s goals but also in reaching their own individual, personal goals.  So, if this is the team I would want to work with, how do I create that same culture as an agent Team Leader?

Being crystal clear about my own values and beliefs was the first step of the process.

Key Takeaways

  • Members’ personal values are a core part a team’s culture
  • Help team members define their values and commitments to each other
  • Share long- and short-term individual goals among team members and hold each other accountable
  • Focus on learning and improving every month as individuals and a team

Crafting Purpose Through Value – At the beginning of our planning session, I handed out a word list for business which we referred to when culling down our statements of purpose called Value Words.

One thing I learned in this process, which I didn’t know before, was that whenever I lose patience or become angry with people it’s because a core value has been violated.  Violated.  That’s a great word and has proven to be useful in helping me get to the root of what made me so frustrated in the first place.

It took two 4-hour sessions of meeting together to get through the entire list and now we each have a document we carry around to remind us what our commitments to each other are.

Setting Goals Individually to Succeed Together – The next category we worked on was our personal and professional one-year, three-year and five-year goals. This was easier, it seemed, and most of us flew through this part of the exercise.

The key here is to check back in with each other throughout the year to see how we’re doing on not only our business goals but our personal goals as well.  A team with culture knows what each member’s long- and short-term goals are and hold each other accountable to achieving those goals.

Learn to Learn Well – I believe another desired aspect of creating a Team with Culture is to be a learning-based team. We read and have a lending library in our office of over 30 of the industry’s top suggested books. I love it when someone on my team teaches me something new based on something they’ve just read.  We each have a growth plan, by month, and our Productivity Coach keeps us accountable to following through on our commitments.

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