3 Digital Ways to Stay “Top of Mind” with Clients and Prospects
By Imani Lea Brown @ Centriq
October 1, 2018

Gaining client repeat business and referrals is crucial to your success. Make staying on their mind easy with a few simple tools.

The process of buying and selling a home is one that most people only do a few times in their lifetime, if at all. And even if your former clients buy or sell again, you might miss out on their repeat business for the simple reason that they don’t think of you as their dedicated agent.

Many people don’t realize that their relationship with their real estate agent should be considered as personal as their relationship with their doctor or financial advisor. Instead they treat it casually and pick any agent that appears Zillow or Redfin. They move from agent to agent for every new purchasing transaction.

Here are a few ways in which you can let your clients know every one of these things, and stay on their mind long after the sale.


Key Takeaways

  • Ask for feedback with a candid survey that solicits engaging responses and commentary
  • Help your clients manage all appliances and electronics in their home with the Centriq app
  • Pass along a link to the Centriq app where clients will always see your branding and contact information
  • Maintain a personal relationship by connecting on social media and sending birthday/holiday cards

Ask for Feedback

It’s likely that you already follow up with an email to ask your clients how things are going with their new home. After the transaction is done, you could also follow up with a more formalized survey from a service like surveymonkey. Most people love to give their opinion. They also like to feel helpful and like their input is being heard. Email your clients a survey with direct and specific questions and a space for candid commentary.

Word your questions with a positive slant which also solicits more than a one word response. Most of the time yes or no answers don’t do much to give you valuable insight and they also bore the person taking the survey. If you really want results, give your clients a chance to express themselves!

Not only will you gain valuable feedback on what is working for you and where you can improve, you might also get usable testimonial quotes to post on your website or use in your promotional materials. Drawing your clients out with a thoughtful survey is a win, win win.

Give More than just a Closing Gift

You know the phrase, “there’s an app for that!”… well believe it or not, there’s an app you can pass along to your clients which will keep you in front of them, indefinitely..

Free to use, you can pass along a link to the Centriq app to all of your clients. When they sign up and start to use it, they will always see your branding in the app.

You can keep your contact information updated in real time, and every time your client uses, they will see your photo and branding. You can share the link with clients and prospects. It becomes the digital business card that you always wished your past, possible, and future clients would see when they are making the decision on which agent to use.

Even better, before you close the sale, you or your team can load the app up with a full inventory of the home they have just purchased so that they have access to manuals and information about all of the appliances, the HVAC system, the water heater, gas shutoff… you get the idea

Maintain a personal connection

If you are sending out follow up surveys and you give your clients an app that will show them your branding each time they use it, you are already well ahead of the curve. The next thing you can do is follow your clients on social media. You may or may not be a social media user, but if you aren’t using it for your business, you could be missing out. Connecting on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter will ensure that you can stay in touch. Some clients might even post that they are moving or looking for a new home. Don’t miss out on these updates.

Likewise, paper or electronic birthday cards, holiday greeting cards, and other forms of reaching out at significant times during the year can make a big impact. You might even consider creating branded fridge magnets with the schedule for your local sports teams to send to your clients. Of course these methods of reaching out take a bit more of a budget, but they can be very useful toward keeping you connected personally to your clients and prospects.


Stay in front of your clients with proactive moves and using the technology that is available to you, then sit back and enjoy the success as they return to you for business and send referrals your way.

Author Bio:  Imani Lea Brown is a content developer, proofreader, and editor with a Bachelor of Arts in English/writing and over 15 years experience. Research and writing are her passions. A Bay Area native, she is also an avid HGTV fan and is interested in all things homeownership; buying and selling, DIY and renovation, gardening and landscaping, and sitting out on the porch with a nice sparkling lemonade when its all done. Imani is currently a Product Manager at Centriq Technology, Inc.

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